The Eye of the Storm: The Charm Still Works

If the third season of this series imagined by Dominic Anctil is currently enjoying great success on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. on ICI Télé, the fourth arrives on Thursday, February 8 on Extra d’ICI. Six episodes will be released online first, followed by seven more on Thursday, February 15.

The season begins with Jade (Emi Chicoine) moving into an apartment with Auguste (Etienne Lou), a second departure for the young woman. It’s always hard on a mother’s heart, even if both parties find their advantages!

What if Jade put herself together when she left the house? “Where the hell is he? Her anarchy? “They ask her young brothers, very disappointed, who accuse her of having become “a lady” when visiting her new apartment.

Wait until you see the array of totally useless objects that Grandma Louise (Danielle Proulx) will give to Jade, from the celery grave to the Velveeta container. The only thing missing is the old electric knife.

The biggest exit and least problems for Isabelle (Christine Beaulieu)? As much as she wants to show more authority, the head of the family always allows herself to be fooled by her twins, who are more manipulative than ever.

The children are as believable as they are mischievous in the role of the twins. Juliette Aubé, who can also be seen as Mini-Miss Kidnapped in AlertsIt makes her a very skilled Emma at getting what she wants and taking advantage of every contradiction of her mother.

Joey Bélanger is equally effective as Jules, unable to satisfy his father (Patrick Hivon), who would like to turn him into a formidable athlete. His hopes are not lost.

“Children are cruel,” he tells his mother, surprised to discover that schoolchildren who bring leftovers for dinner become the laughingstock of their classmates. Another ingenious ploy by the twins to avoid having to prepare lunch the next day.

Speaking of Jean-François, he will be a father again as Mylène (Catherine Souffront) will give birth soon. She wants to give birth at home, in a birthing pool, guided by a guide who is too Zen for average, with extreme esoteric suggestions.

What JF believes to be a dumpling kit is more intended to accommodate the placenta at birth. And you didn’t see anything.

Isabelle’s relationship with Mathieu (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) is going quite well. Her scenes with her son Charlie (Louis-David Gauthier), who lives with Down syndrome, are as funny as they are charming. Charlie is truly part of the family and this character brings a lot of freshness to the series.

The scenes involving Louise and her Michel (Luc Senay) are among the most comical. The couple’s interest in recreational vehicles took the family to the campground regularly.

Isabelle, Emma and Louise (Christine Beaulieu, Juliette Aubé and Danielle Proulx) at the campsite.

No doubt, many parents will recognize the problems that Isabelle must face. Particularly with controlling the time children spend in front of screens.

When grandfather Bernard (Michel Rivard) decides to buy mobile phones for the twins without consulting their mother, it is Isabelle who finds herself burdened with supervision and gives them one hour a day, nothing more.

“We understand what you are trying to do. All of our friends’ parents tried it. And everyone gave up,” Emma sweetly sends her mother, adopting a tone of false pity.

“Don’t you think your life is complicated enough?” adds his brother Jules, to further clarify the issue. How do you respond to that?

The best way to avoid having to make your bed? Remind Mom that “a made bed is a prison for dust mites”!

Although worries multiply, the family seems to have never been so united. Christine Beaulieu continues to be excellent in the lead role of this mother who she does the best she can.

Although the third season is available on Extra d’ICI For a year now, the first two episodes have attracted an average of 1,044,000 viewers on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. on ICI Télé during the month of January. This shows that the broadcast of a series on platforms does not cannibalize its broadcast on television.

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