The end of the Canadian curse

Come on! A little Canadian patriotism. Grab some “two creams” at Tim Hortons while you sing the Canada with the mounted police and try to pray in the name of the hockey religion for the return of the Stanley Cup to our country.

Last year was an awkward birthday. It was the 30’smy consecutive time that no Canadian team was able to win the Cup.

We have explained in detail the causes that harm Canadian markets. Although in my opinion it is a bit of an apology for some teams that have, in fact, been bad because of a series of terrible decisions that have nothing to do with playing in Canada.

The power of the Oilers, Jets and Leafs last year seemed so solid to me to end the drought. Especially after the Bruins’ surprise elimination. But no, once again our Canadian teams faltered.

This year, we added the Canucks to the mix.

So 4 clubs out of 16, 25%. This is exactly the percentage of Canadian teams in the league.

But in reality it is more than 25%. Because the 4 Canadian teams are among the 10 best clubs in the ranking.

That’s more than 25%, because since the Oilers changed coaches in November, they are the best team in the league.

It’s more than 25%, because since the new year the Leafs have won 25 of 39 games and often against big clubs.

It’s more than 25%, because since January 1, the Canucks have only lost 11 games out of 39 in regulation.

It’s more than 25%, because the Jets are the team that has given up the fewest goals in the NHL this year with the Panthers, which is still an interesting statistic heading into the playoffs.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that Canadian clubs don’t come in through the back door.

Leafs, Jets, Canucks or Oilers?

It’s hard to believe the Leafs, but with a 25.6% power play, nothing is impossible. Many commentators have fun talking about how bad Toronto is defensively, but since the 1stis In January, Toronto gave up fewer goals than Colorado, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Boston, in particular. In my opinion, we shouldn’t write off Toronto too quickly.

The Jets also have a great playoff club. A goalkeeper who is already sure to win the Vezina, a reliable defense and a varied and deep attack (including a third trio made up of terrifying giants). The arrival of Toffoli and Monahan with all these great people will make Winnipeg a feared opponent. Young sensation Cole Perfetti is just a supporting player. He clearly demonstrates the power of the Jets.

The end of the Canadian curse

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The Canucks come out on top sooner than expected. But the team flirts with first place in the general classification. The defense is brilliant and several attackers can change a game in the blink of an eye. It’s hard not to believe in its possibilities.

Ultimately, the Oilers are, in my opinion, the team that will break the curse. I believed in it last year too, but now we added a deluxe version of Evan Bouchard that can do everything with the record. Everything will depend on Stuart Skinner and his play in the playoffs. The mustachioed man has a career save percentage of 0.910, but 0.833 in the playoffs, with only 5 wins in 12 games.

The Panthers, Avalanche, Hurricanes and Stars remain the favorites according to all sportsbooks, just ahead of the Oilers. But, for the 11 highest-ranked teams (including the 4 from Canada), the situation is still very close. Nobody gets along.

I like to think it will happen in Canada this year. Six Canadian teams are among the 10 teams with the longest drought without a Stanley Cup. It’s sad and embarrassing.

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