the Coyotes confirm that they are moving forward

It is unclear what is happening in Arizona.

In fact, we never really know what will come out publicly as news. It seems that we are still one bad news away from knowing that we must sign the death warrant for hockey in Arizona.

But as long as Papa Bettman protects his son, he risks (almost) nothing.

That said, the truth is that there is a lot of criticism of the Coyotes. The team’s players must play in conditions that are not worthy of other league markets or NHL standards. #UniversityArena

Yesterday, my colleague Marc-Olivier Cook reported that Marty Walsh, head of the Players Association, had criticized the Coyotes for missing two deadlines in connection with a new sand project.

“That’s not how you run a business” in Walsh’s eyes, and he’s right.

It seems like every time we hear news about it we wonder what it means. For example? Last night on X, the Coyotes confirmed they are moving forward with a plan to purchase land north of Phoenix.

The Coyotes can confirm that they intend to stay in the desert and that they owe it “to the best fans” in the world… but the truth is that in the tweet that the Coyotes retweeted, it still talks about the fact that several Se consider the sites.

And the president of the Coyotes confirmed it. As reported in an article by AZ Central journalist Stacey Barchenger.several plans are still on the table for the Coyotes.

I can confirm that we have submitted a request (for the field), but I confirm, as I did before, that we are looking at multiple sites.

We are not ready to make an announcement. –Xavier Gutierrez

So the club is behind schedule, it still doesn’t know where it will play and when a future stadium will be ready… but the club has every intention in the world of staying “for the rest.” better fans of the world, like “in Arizona? Come on.

Let’s sell the franchise to Ryan Smith and move them to Salt Lake City. It is urgent.

A lot

– Impressing Patrick Roy led him to the NHL. Hat!

– Well done.

– However.

– The season is over, said Mathias Brunet. (Sports BPM)

– The former Canadian is going to France.

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