The couple will soon welcome their second child!

The birth of a second child is approaching for Laure and Matthieu. The influencers shared the sweet news in a charming way, involving her daughter Lya in the pregnancy announcement. The mother-to-be tenderly revealed her rounded belly.

The fifth season of “Married at First Sight”, a famous M6 show, sealed the fate of Laure and Matthieu, uniting them forever. Since this televised encounter, her love has continued to grow and 2-year-old Lya has added a new dimension to her happiness. This Tuesday, January 23, 2024, these intrepid influencers revealed another nugget: the imminent arrival of a new member to their happy tribe. The pregnancy announcement took shape in a captivating Instagram video. A winter scene shows the family, happy, moving in the snow. Lya’s laughter resonates as she has fun with her parents, Laure Larrory, carrying her in the air and trying to pet her dog, Niñou.

With the soft musical background of “What Love Is” by Zimmer90, the influencer intrigued her subscribers with a delicate question: “Do you have the detail that makes the difference?” The mystery is revealed when we take a closer look at Lya’s pink sweatshirt, revealing the enigmatic inscription “Big Sister.” A subtle but charming revelation, confirmed by the hashtags of the publication, including the number 4. Thus, Laure and Matthieu chose to announce the expansion of the family in a discreet, but oh-so-adorable way.

The rest after this announcement.

A tumultuous start to pregnancy

A few hours after this happy announcement, Laure Larrory reveals her belly that is beginning to round out in her Instagram story. Faced with the avalanche of congratulatory messages, she expressed her gratitude: “Thank you for your many messages!” However, the expectant mother also reveals the challenges she faced at the beginning of her pregnancy: “It wasn’t an easy start to my pregnancy, I was very sick, but I’ve been better for about ten days.” This honest statement highlights the reality of the ups and downs of motherhood, adding a touch of authenticity to the happy news. The Vieira-Larrory family prepares to lovingly welcome the newcomer, transforming each challenge into a step towards an expanded adventure, impregnated with happiness, love and complicity.

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