The conclusions of a medical examination reveal and evoke an “abolition of discernment” of the actor.

As the family conflict surrounding Alain Delon’s health explodes in the media, Le Parisien reveals the actor’s long-awaited medical knowledge.

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The family conflict between Alain Delon’s children continues. For several months, Anouchka Delon has been fighting against her brothers Anthony and Alain-Fabien over the fragile health of her father. The actor’s long-awaited medical report was finally revealed by The Parisian this Wednesday, January 24. This would have taken place in October 2023 following the investigation into Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s former mayor whom her children accuse of abuse, and would have concluded with the abolition of discernment of the actor. “The document that the newspaper would have had in its possession would be advanced.”the slow deterioration of the actor’s cognitive abilities over the last four years“. He would be “Carrier of significant comorbidities, active chronic pathologies and relevant and disabling acute disorders.“what would”vulnerable both physically and psychologically“.

Alain Delon’s insight would be “almost complete“during the investigation into Hiromi Rollin

Alain Delon’s health has deteriorated considerably in the last four years“, says The Parisian. Regarding the Hiromi Rollin matter, the doctor would have confirmed that Alain Delon had discernment “almost complete” in this state :Thus, Mr. Delon was able to respond effectively to the possibility of a situation of harassment or interference with his living conditions.“. The actor would have seen his health deteriorate after two strokes in 2019. “These episodes affect the mobility of the actor, who experiences difficulties with everyday actions such as dressing, but above all with his morale.“, the medical expert would have declared. At that time, Alain Delon would have “(struggled) to accept his situation and the limitations due to his stroke” and “(expressed) discouragement and loss of confidence“.”He repeatedly states that he no longer wants to live if he has to remain disabled.“, the doctors would indicate after having diagnosed a “depressive disorder“.

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Alain Delon’s health condition would have deteriorated after the diagnosis of lymphoma

It is between 2021 and 2023 thatThe deterioration of Alain Delon’s health would have accelerated.“after a bad fall and the diagnosis of lymphoma. The actor reportedly shared his “fear of dying from illness“and want”be treated in France and stay at (his) house in Douchy for this“. A statement that would make the medical expert believe in “a significant impairment of discernment“and to”a slowing of thinking“. Since August 2023, Alain Delon would have suffered “almost constant bed restafter his lymphoma spread throughout his body,”that would clearly (alter) the cognitive and motor abilities of the actor“.”The actor’s movements become increasingly limited (using canes, a walker, and then a wheelchair) before becoming almost impossible.“, accurate The Parisian.

The doctors reportedly stated “the total abolition of discernment” by Alain Delon

Medical experience would mention a psychological and physical deterioration corresponding to a significant alteration in mental health typical of the total abolition of discernment. Alain Delon would therefore be in “conditions of complete physical dependence, exposing him to the submission of people who intervene at his bedside for his vital needs and for palliative care.“. The doctor would have observed: “It seems that he no longer expects anything from life.“The newspaper reveals that”The Montargis prosecutor’s office commissioned a new expert for a second opinion before deciding on guardianship or not.“, which would have been “visited Douchy on January 13 (2024)“.

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