“The Color of Slavery”, Patrick Baucelin’s worldwide award-winning film

Patrick Baucelin’s new production that tells the life of slaves from the holds of slave ships, crossing the oceans to their homes on the Caribbean islands is a great success. This film has been winning numerous awards around the world in recent months.

Knowing its history to better understand its future and outline the contours of its destiny is a legitimate approach undertaken by Martinican director Patrick Baucelin. It takes us to the heart of colonial slavery.

The filmmaker explains “that between the 16th and 19th centuries, 25,000 convoys of approximately 300 to 450 African captives crossed the ocean Atlantic after 40 to 50 days of travel to the Antilles. More than a million of them lost their lives.

From left to right, Photo1 director Patrick Baucelin built his photo set with volunteers like Jean-Claude Lamorandière. From left to right and bottom right the sewing workshop.

According to historians, to meet the need for labor in their colonies, “Europe deported to the Caribbean, over 4 centuries, more than fifteen million African captives, uprooted from their country to work on the plantations.

Author, producer, screenwriter, director, lover and defender of the heritage of Martinique and the Caribbean, Patrick Baucelin took his pilgrim’s staff aware of the crucial lack of a film of this type.

The goal of Patrick Beaucelin’s film “The Color of Slavery”

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This film that tells a tragic story, a crime against humanity, allows the viewer to recover the story. In total, 222 extras, volunteer actors, acted in this film.

222 extras played voluntarily

Awarded in Sweden, nominated at the Chandler international festival in Arizona, United States, at the end of the month, the director has the satisfaction of having won 1st prize at the Avignon festival. “best documentary” category among more than 1,200 works in competition.

the budget of this film the color of slavery

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Born in 1957 in Fort-de-France, Patrick Baucelin has been fascinated by images since his youth. He followed his path and became an amateur photographer. In 1981, he set up his production studio, Studio Pat, and worked on commissioning and production. promotional, institutional and advertising films.

DirectorPatrick Beaucelin

Author, producer, screenwriter, director, defender of the heritage of Martinique and the Caribbean, he had to constantly fight to be recognized.

The turning point occurred in 1987, during the third Finternational summer medical film and book festival in Paris, where he won his first international prize, the “Caducée d’Or”, for “Know?”, a film on prevention linked to the problem of parasitosis in Martinique.

some scenes from the movie the color of slavery

For a quarter of a century, Patrick Baucelin has been producing his own documentaries. highlighting the history, culture and heritage of the Caribbean.

  • In 1999, “Martinique” (22 minutes), won several Excellence Awards in the United States. “The churches of Martinique” (2007), a 52-minute documentary received several awards (Arizona, Ohio, Dallas, Kentucky), as did “The Secrets of the Caribbean Fortresses” (2012), awarded in Utah, California, New York, Kentucky and 1is price in Guyana.
  • In 2013, His film about “The Traditional Costume of Slavery with the Great Dress” won several distinctions: bronze, silver, gold, platinum awards in California, Texas and Indiana.
  • In 2018, “Secrets of Fortresses 2” was in the official selection of independent films in Rome, Italy, as well as at the Pan-African festival in Cannes.
  • In 2020, the documentary filmA tan lontan was awarded.”

Before its official premiere in Martinique, “The Color of Slavery” won 32 awards, including the award for best documentary at the Avignon festival.

Some rewards for the color of slavery.

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