The CH, Montembeault and the flow of the tap

When the Canadian embarked on the rebuild two years ago, fans literally praised this direction of the new management. But did they expect that?

We could bet a considerable fortune that, for ordinary fans, an NHL rebuild consists of: 1- emptying a team of most of its veterans; 2- accumulate draft picks; 3- accept living through difficult seasons; 4- take advantage of some advantageous turns; 5- finally, in the best case scenario, win again for several years.

Due to the rigidity of the NHL’s salary cap, hockey fans live in a surreal time where finishing in the middle of the pack is considered the ultimate calamity. Generally, the team that narrowly makes the playoffs has little chance of winning the title. As for the team that narrowly misses out on the playoffs, it will be difficult to progress because it does not benefit from advantageous draft picks.

Therefore, it has become normal to see general managers sabotage their team to make them fall in the rankings and increase their chances of winning the jackpot. This practice, contrary to the spirit of sport, is currently accepted. And that ensures that superstars like Auston Matthews and Connor Bédard don’t land in Toronto or Chicago by chance. Or so little. And that creates a huge integrity problem.

That being said, let’s get back to what’s going on with the Canadian.

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