The casting for season 5 became official… and it is surprising!

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This Monday, Prime Video revealed the names of the participants in the new edition of its successful program. It promises moments of anthology.

“LOL: he who laughs comes out” is preparing to make its return to Prime Video. In fact, the fifth season of the game that brings together personalities who should not laugh will go online on Friday, February 16 (the first four episodes and then the last two on February 23), that is, more than three months after the launch of “LOL: whoever shouts, comes out!”, a special Halloween edition. For this new volley, the platform once again bet heavily on casting.

Despite the controversy started by Blanche Gardin last April, who published a message on Facebook mocking the participants in “LOL: whoever laughs, get out!” : “It turns out that I would be embarrassed (not to say that my butt would hurt a lot) if they paid me 200,000 euros for a day of work, even if I lose in your game, when my charitable choice would win 50,000 euros, that is four times less, and even then, only if I win” -, many personalities have agreed to participate in the program.

Thus, this Monday the platform formalized the names of all its participants, including the actor and director. Franck Gastambide will face the duo of YouTubers McFly and Carlito , who recently took a hiatus due to exhaustion. While it’s already everywhere (on Netflix in Instead and on Canal+ in Kokoriko), Jean-Pascal Zadi He will also be in the cast of the season of “LOL: whoever laughs, get out!” His opponents will be commander jerome the Marseille comedian Redouane Bougeraba and Alba Ivanov.

If parity had been respected in 2023, this fifth season would have fewer women than men. So, Marina Fois It will have a lot to do with the comedian revealed by Studio Bagel and former columnist for TMC’s “Quotidien.” Alison Wheeler . You have to believe that Alexandra Lamy’s victory in 2021 gave wishes to her little sister Audrey Lamy since it will face Anaïde Rozam. The latter has 375,000 followers on Instagram and recently appeared on For 1 euro I listen to your problemsCanal+ series created by Thomas Ngijol.

Like season 3, Philippe Lacheau will offer those eliminated the opportunity to exact revenge. But for the first time, the game’s host and referee will reward the most offensive candidates by offering them secret and formidable weapons called Armafifi.

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