The Canadian did not contact Kloten

Yesterday afternoon, your colleague Marc-Olivier Cook spoke to you about the possibility of David Reinbacher leaving Kloten soon.

After all, the team acquired 20-year-old defenseman Dario Sidley. But according to the latest news from Arpon Basu, who is just in Switzerland, the acquisition of Sidley is to replace another defender, who is currently on loan from Bern.

Therefore, the new addition will not replace the Austrian.

With the acquisition of Sidley, there was every reason in the world to believe that Reinbacher could prepare to come to North America. His Swiss team will not make the playoffs (although it will be able to participate in the relegation games).

But for the moment, the Canadian’s protégé is not thinking about that. He wants to contribute to the success (or lack of success) of his current team.

And as far as the organization is concerned, according to Basu, he would not have contacted GM Larry Mitchell about this issue.

In response to thread of Basu, Anthony Marcotte wanted to remind us that Reinbacher’s house is well maintained in Laval and we look forward to it.

We know that EHC Kloten will not make it to the playoffs, but if the club were to participate in the relegation matches, it would delay the defender’s arrival in the city. We don’t want that, obviously.

Therefore, Kloten’s desired final ranking is 11th or 12th. The top six places make the playoffs and the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth ranked teams will compete for the last two playoff spots (just like in the NBA). Nothing happens with the 11th and 12th places and finally, the 13th and 14th places will meet in a two of three to maintain their place in the National League.

Larry Mitchell’s team currently sits in 13th place, six points out of 12th place.

A lot

– The Rocket is in action tonight.

– The boys are ready.

– It’s clear.

– Matt Murray, will you return to Toronto after the season? (AF)

– Oh no?

– Oh ok.

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