The Caesarized actor from Marseille, Dylan Robert, sentenced to 3 years in prison for robbery

In 2019, a few months after his César for most promising actor, Dylan Robert participated in a series of necklace thefts in Marseille. Divided between cinema and crime, the young man was sentenced this Friday to three years in prison.

“Today I’m almost drunk,” the young 24-year-old actor defends himself, with a well-trimmed three-day beard and a braid that holds his black hair, in the box of the Marseille criminal court.

In February 2019 he won a César for his small-hit role in the film Shéhérazade. Her career was launched. “On the one hand, I experienced extraordinary things,” she explains. But, on the other hand, in his Marseille neighborhood he once again fell into “a spiral” of crime.

“I needed money” and “the Cannes Festival is not paid for,” he explains, five years after the events, to the president of the court, remembering his climb to the stairs in May 2018.

Between April and July 2019, he committed a series of kidnappings, of which the investigating judge detained about fifteen. With one of his neighborhood friends, now a fugitive, sentenced in absentia to five years in prison, they always proceeded in the same way: approach on a scooter, tear off a piece of jewelry, with violence if necessary, and flee.

Several flights per day.

Among the injured, a 59-year-old woman broke her femur from three stolen bracelets. The loot was then resold at 25 euros per gram of precious metal.

The courts sometimes accuse him of several thefts a day. He assures her that not all the robberies are her fault. He was also acquitted of four of them on Friday. But for others, he apologizes from “the deepest part of his heart.”

He was finally sentenced on Friday to four years in prison, including three years in prison and one year suspended for two years, with a preventive detention order. A sentence less than the five years in prison demanded by the prosecutor, who joked: “He doesn’t remember the facts because he has committed too many.”

Dylan Robert, already detained in preventive detention in Draguignan prison, is accused of murder and attempted murder by a gang organized within the framework of the investigation into the murder of a teenager at a trading point in August 2021 in Marseille. Processes that, according to his lawyer, Valérie Coriatt, are “a judicial shame in terms of evidence.”

The young man will also be tried on October 25 in another case, a vehicle theft case.

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