The Boy and the Heron: An “Illustrator’s” Strange Accusations of Theft Were Unfounded

The boy and the heronStudio Ghibli’s latest film is embroiled in a new scandal involving a supposed “illustrator” who actually turns out to be an imposture.

The boy and the heron is the creation of Hayao Miyazaki, one of the world’s most revered animated film directors. The filmmaker has already given life to true classics of the genre, such as Made to disappear either Princess Mononokethe first received the Oscar for best animated film in 2003 and the second became the most profitable film in Japan in 1997.

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Today, The boy and the heron is in the running to perhaps bring home an Oscar for Ghibli. But the road to the reward will not be easy in the face of strong competition. The Japanese feature film will thus have to compete with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in the same category as him.

However, it is not because of the competition that the film is in the news at the moment: because an illustrator claimed to have worked on The boy and the heron without having been accredited…

An illustrator of The boy and the heron uncredited: truth or imposture?

Geraldine Fernández, who until then presented herself as an illustrator of The boy and the heronwas recently reported as a forger on X/Twitter.

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It was Julieta Colás, a Mexican artist based in Tokyo, who published several screenshots showing how Geraldine Fernández would be a “scammer” and would have lied to the community of anime fans.

According to Geraldine Fernández’s publication (now deleted), she would have worked as an illustrator for the film. She also said that she knew Hayao Miyazaki personally and that this connection gave her the opportunity to draw 25,000 images for the film. But, as Julieta Colás pointed out, she never showed a single part of her work.

Let me summarize: she claims to have personally “illustrated” (in her words) 25,000 images from the film. This represents 35 minutes. A woman who makes counterfeit diaries in Colombia claims to have animated 35 minutes of a Ghibli feature film, as a REMOTE freelance worker. She blocked me, by the way.

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In fact, there are Latin American women who work in animation (I am one and I am currently in Japan), and they give everything (I myself currently have a pretty serious injury) to finally see these fucking SCAMMERS misinform everyone.“, Colás said annoyed..

The problem is all the more serious since Julieta Fernández’s statements have been taken up by several media outlets. Thus, she would have declared, according to InfoBae : “Never in my entire life would I have thought that I would end up working for Studio Ghibli at 30, doing production and being in Hayao Miyazaki’s most recent and retirement film, it’s really hard to believe..”

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For her part, Julieta Colás worked on titles such as Trigun Stampede (by Yasuhiro Nightow) and season 2 of Kings Ranking. She states that the studio credits any artist who works on an anime episode or animated film. For her part, Geraldine Fernández obviously has nothing to prove that she really worked in The boy and the heron.

If you want to receive praise, lie that you worked on a Miyazaki film. No one will check it because no one cares about the animation. It is incredible that in 2024 no one seems to be able to do even the slightest research.“She wrote, irritated by the false news that had been transmitted about the matter.

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Based on an interview with producer Toshio Suzuki for Release, The boy and the heron would not be Hayao Miyazaki’s pre-retirement film at all: “Think about the next project every day, I can’t stop it anymore, in fact, I have abandoned it. I no longer try to dissuade him, even if he made a failed film. In life there is only work that you love.”

Too bad for the words of Julieta Colás… and much better for the director’s fans!

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