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To help you choose, here are the films of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné!*


1 in tie: Averroes and Rosa Parks – 4/5

“Exciting. Nicolas Philibert displays his art of listening and looking at the heart of the life of an establishment, its patients and its professionals.” By Julien Rousset (Southwest)

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“This clandestine activism haunts the film that patiently shows and listens to the suffering of those who are vulnerable to existence and the exemplary dedication of those who, despite everything, try to alleviate them.” By Olivier De Bruyn (Marianne)

1 in tie: A family – 4/5

“This science of the “second round” gives the modesty of A Family a beautiful formal coherence, the aftermath being perhaps the only territory left for a massacred childhood.” By Charlotte Garson (Cahiers du Cinéma)

“The writer leads us, through a moving documentary filmed partly in Strasbourg and based on personal archives, in the tenacious examination of what made incest possible.” By Sonya Faure (Libération)

3 times: Smoke Sauna Brotherhood – 3.6/5

“By prioritizing listening to others and vulnerability, Anna Hints returns to the very foundations of sisterhood and offers a fascinating documentary where faceless beings become allegorical figures of femininity.” By Lucie Chiquer (First)

“Bathed in calming waters, the documentary exudes a decidedly feminist but never complaining atmosphere, entirely placed under the sign of an invigorating solidarity.” By Claudine Levanneur (


1st: Humanistic vampire seeking to commit suicide with consent – 3.7/5

“Magnificent and subtle film. The script is brilliant and the characters are finely crafted. A vampire film that leaves you happy. A must see.” By AS69

“A lucid, fun and deliciously Québécois look at life, death, adolescence, education, learning… And vampires!” By muriellebarbiermlb

2nd: A family – 3.6/5

“A Family is a powerful film, sometimes difficult but also luminous. It must be seen.” By AEH

“The return to this intimate drama is treated with strength and conviction and Christine Angot offers true therapy in her cinematic demonstration after having also done so successfully, through literature.” By Coric Bernard

3 times: repeated twice – 3.4/5

“A sensitive and moving comedy. Xavier Lacaille and Louise Bougoin make a magnificent duo. We leave with a smile!” By Charlotte Podesta

“A delicious and fresh comedy perfectly performed by Louise Bourgoin and Xavier Lacaille, without forgetting the young actors.” By VeroniqueV

* According to the notes of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday, March 22, 2024, for films released in theaters on March 20 with at least 10 reviews from the main press and 50 ratings from the best viewers. These two tops do not include films already released one or more times in France.

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