The best film of the week is “as shocking as it is essential” – Cinema News

To help you choose, here are the films of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné!*


1st: Tehran Chronicles – 3.8/5

“The social and political observation is all the more relentless as a highly referenced force emerges from the whole, an explicit tribute to the insolence of the Panahian mosaics.” By Thierry Méranger (Cahiers du Cinéma)

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“This inventive and thought-provoking film, supported by brilliant, fine and incisive writing, highlights the conflict between Iranian society’s search for meaning and its government’s lack of meaning.” By Nathalie Chifflet (Latest news from Alsace)

2nd: The sweet East – 3.7/5

“The film is a variation on the road movie, a box story where each fantasy disappears into the next without warning, subject only to the will of a fierce innocence.” By Arnaud Hallet (The Inrockuptibles)

“As irresistible as its actress Talia Ryder, ‘The Sweet East’ fascinates in each of the narrative turns of its American escapade. A refreshing comedy at the heart of a disenchanted fairy tale.” By Antoine Desrues (widescreen)

3rd in a tie: Happy winners – 3.6/5

“The stories are shameless and the image is careful, which is not so common in this genre where many times we don’t care if the actresses are not shown in a flattering way.” By Caroline Vié (20 minutes)

“Cynical, deliciously dark, this comedy connects delirious situations with pleasure. With a tasty cast (Fabrice Éboué, Audrey Lamy, Pauline Clément…), Anouk Grinberg shines with her comic genius.” By Catherine Balle (Le Parisien)

3rd in a tie: Name – 3.6/5

“Nome is much more than a historical fresco: it is a universal fable, a magical epic, one of those that brings together all aspects of the human experience.” By Jacky Goldberg (The Inrockuptibles)

“A luminous and disillusioned film.” By Mathieu Guetta (deserter)

3rd in a tie: tiger stripes – 3.6/5

“Sassy as hell, this first Malaysian feature delights. It features mischief and love for genre cinema, adolescent change and triumphant femininity. And it reveals a young filmmaker who is afraid of nothing: Amanda Nell Uh.” By Olivier Pélisson (side strip)

“Variety like the tiger’s fur, this is a film that mixes colors and sensations, aimed at both adults and young people.” By Frédéric Strauss (Télérama)


1st: there is still tomorrow – 4.2/5

“Funny and serious at the same time.” By sarrajougla

“This film conveys a beautiful message of hope for humanity: history is never set in advance and everything can change!” By Paula Colo

2nd: Tehran Chronicles – 3.9/5

“A film as shocking as it is radical.” By Cinephiles 44

“Through these well-filmed parodies, we discover the absurd, ridiculous and sometimes comical side of these situations. The film is, ultimately, a comprehensive critique of the Iranian regime.” By Coric Bernard

3 times: The new woman – 3.8/5

“This first production from a filmmaker who had previously distinguished herself in documentaries bodes well for a promising career.” By voyage1

“The film is delicate and tender, like the children it represents. A little gem to discover quickly!” By Arturo H.

* According to the notes of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday, March 15, 2024, for films released in theaters on March 13 with at least 10 reviews from the main press and 50 ratings from the best viewers. These two tops do not include films already released one or more times in France.

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