The answer to the mystery of Anatomy of a Fall was revealed 11 years ago, in this film

This film is The Battle of Solferino, Justine Triet’s first feature film. Released ten years before the Palme d’Or, this cacophonous comedy-drama, the polar opposite of Anatomy of a Fall, nevertheless gave us the key to its mystery.

Because this review contains mild spoilers for Anatomy of a Fall, it is highly recommended that you watch the movie before reading it.

“Samuel committed suicide, it’s obvious. ». “This shot at one hour and 13 minutes is irrefutable proof that she killed him.” », “Look at Snoop at that moment: he knows instinctively that this is a murder. » Anatomy of a fall. It was released 8 months ago now. However, no one has solved its mystery. no one discovered he Hidden detail in a corner of the decoration. No one has come up with a theory that hasn’t been thought of yet. And because: Maybe this is proof that we weren’t looking in the right place.

If we consider Anatomy of a fall. like a treasure hunt, then this one didn’t start in 2023. He was born at the same time as the cinema of justine triet.

Comedy (The Battle of Solferino, 2013), dramatic comedy(Victoria, 2016), drama (Sibyl), or suspense (Anatomy of a Fall, 2023), the register and tone of Justine Triet’s films can change throughout the titles, but her cinema does not only tell the story of small trajectories of characters or news. She he she builds the world view of a filmmaker.

The strong point of Anatomy of a Fall is not its mysterious death but its questioning of the couple

Love can be the most banal theme in cinema, see the couple questioned is, paradoxically, very strange. how many movies ask the couple while system ? As an organization worked by relations of domination and power Which ones are specific to him and which sometimes even escape the individuals who make up this couple? The couple as an agreement that necessarily implies sacrifices and forms, assumed or not, conscious or not, of violence?

Sandra screaming in Anatomy of a Fall by Justine Sort // Source: Le Pacte
Sandra screaming in Anatomy of a Fall by Justine Sort // Source: Le Pacte

This is the real issue ofAnatomy of a fall.. Justine Triet has fun carrying out research so detailed that it becomes almost absurd: studying the trajectory of tiny blood dropsdelves into Sandra’s private life and her use. his bisexuality as evidence of a murder. By placing his film in a court that do not advance for 2h30, Triet highlights the inability of justice to think about these dynamics of violence and power that contaminate even the intimate. Her obsession with microdetails and Court rules (speaking impeccable French, being sincere and faithful) blinds her to the evidence itself. the culprit is Violence inherent to the couple..

AND Anatomy of a fall. can leave a feeling of mystery, of unfinished in the end is that we can actually consider it as the second part of a diptych that Justine Triet began in 2013 with His first movie, The Battle of Solferino.

The Battle of Solferino, what is it about?

Laetitia, television journalist, covers the presidential elections. She entrusted her daughters, two little girls, to a very inexperienced nanny. But then Vincent, her ex, shows up to see her daughters. He doesn’t give up. At Laetitia’s house or on Solférino Street, where a demonstration continues a few hours before the results are announced, he harasses her. Children unleashed, nanny overwhelmed, lover vaguely embedded, misanthropic lawyer, France cut in two: everything is tangled, nothing works anymore.

Anatomy of a Fall and The Battle of Solferino, two opposite but twin films

From the point of view of form, Anatomy of a fall and The Battle of Solferino They are polar opposites to each other. On one hand, Anatomy of a fall. It oscillates between the cozy atmosphere of a large house inhabited by a couple who do not speak to each other, and that of a court governed by precise rules of behavior, language and appearance. The court is the mecca of language : the power of lawyers is to handle the words they are given so well the right to say what is true and fair. “That’s not the point”. responds Vincent, Sandra’s lawyer, when she tells him that she is innocent. In court we scrutinize the speeches given by the witnessesand we scrutinize the slightest Wrong word suspicious. Basically, the world of the Court only has its obsession with the word as a tool to establish justice in a silent couple

The Battle of Solferino
The Battle of Solferino

The other way, The Battle of Solferino This a cacophonous film without a single second of silence. On the street, the crowd of Sarkozy and Hollande voters does not stop crier : slogans, demands, insults to their opponents, tears of disappointment. However, the space of the apartment, a supposed place of privacy, is everything. as noisy and messy as the street. From beginning to end, the two little girls did not stop screaming with rage, hunger, and exhaustion. Vicente spills insults, reproaches, word floods like vomit about Leticia.

The Battle of Solferino
The Battle of Solferino

Anatomy of violence

Nesting large scale public event – a French presidential election similar to those in private – the chaotic management of a family and a divorce, Justine Triet He broke the distinction between the intimate and the political.. A decade later, it’s no surprise what the director imagines. Anatomy of a fall.. It’s as if this second movie begins where it ends. The Battle of Solferinoa film so tense that it seems ready to explode at any moment. Inside Anatomywe arrive after the explosion and try to understand why it happened.

Therefore, it does not matter whether the death in the film is a suicide, a murder, an accident or even a paranormal phenomenon. What interests Justine Triet is this profound incommunicability and this systemic violence that does not forgive anything or anyone, starting with women. a violence social, political, social, patriarchal that contaminates everything, even the most intimate corners, leading to absurdity and humor in The battleor to the tragedy in Anatomy.

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