the 5 superheroes who could appear in the next Marvel movie

Deadpool 3 alias Deadpool and Wolverine promises a festival of cameos, that’s why we have selected 5 that could happen in the next Marvel movie.

It is an understatement to say that Marvel Studios is betting heavily on Deadpool 3 The film is scheduled for July 2024 and It will be the only one from the MCU to be released this year.. Therefore, this new part of Wade Wilson’s adventures will do everything possible to satisfy fans. In addition to this long-awaited reunion between Ryan Reynolds’ loquacious mercenary and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Deadpool 3 will send his heroes across the Multiverse. With such a narrative toy, the feature film will be able to use and abuse fan service, such as the possibility of seeing variants of the mutant in red.

This promise of cameos allowed the trailer Deadpool and Wolverine to break a historical record. However, the first images show very little, further fueling the crazy rumors surrounding the film. Therefore, we list the 5 Marvel characters that we could (re)see or discover in Deadpool 3.

5. Elektra (and reckless?)

Elektra: photo, Jennifer GarnerBack after 19 years?

We forgot about Elodie Yung’s version of Elektra in the series. Reckless and The defenders from Netflix. Here we talk about the movie. electra released in 2005, with Jennifer Garner (who reprized her role After Reckless with Ben Affleck). In addition to being one of the worst adaptations of the Marvel Universe, the film has been heavily criticized over the years, sometimes even by the team.

However, Deadpool 3 could bring back the actress in the red suit. If nothing has been officially confirmed and Jennifer Garner plays the mystery game in an interview, we can find her name and that of her character in the film’s official copyright file.

Reckless : Photo Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck*Evanescence Music*

However, it would be cruel to bring Elektra back without Ben Affleck’s Daredevil. Unfortunately, It is not known if the actor will wear the costume again. of the devil from hell’s kitchen. On the contrary, rumors in the hallways usually indicate that he would not be present.

4. The old X-Men

X-Men 2 : photo, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick StewartThe X family is finally reunited

Most of the cameo rumors Deadpool 3 refers to the photos of the filming.

As for the others, they have all been making their comments for almost a year. Patrick Stewart (Professor Ian McKellen (Magneto) would like to play the villain again after seeing his friend reprise the role of Charles Xavier in doctor strange 2.

Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) chimes in when the question is asked, while James Marsden admits he’s willing to put on Cyclops’ glasses again. When asked about a possible appearance, he replied that he had filmed it. sonic 3 very close to the plateaus of Deadpool 3just to put a part back into the machine.

Catwoman: Photo Halle BerryHalle Berry had already mocked the film at the Razzies and more

Finally, as for Halle Berry (Tornado), fans cling to an enigmatic publication that the actress made on her networks in May 2023. The text accompanies “Patience requires practice.”In it we can see a photograph of the actress with white hair and holding a cat of the same color. But is this a clue about Storm or Catwoman? Mystery.

3. Mobius M. Mobius (from the Loki series)

Loki: Tom Hiddleston, Owen WilsonMobius could be with this brave Loki

Deadpool and Wolverine He made it clear in his trailer: the TVA will be represented. This organization that monitors the Weather, which we could see operating in both seasons of the year, Loki, will make his film debut. Therefore, it would be absurd if his best-known employee, Mobius M. Mobius played by Owen Wilson in the Disney+ series, don’t be in Deadpool 3.

Additionally, the meeting between Merc’ With A Mouth and Mobius could allow us to see Thor’s brother again, who became the master of timelines at the end of Loki. We can finally imagine Owen Wilson’s character guides the comical mutant into the MCU des Avengers.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour: photo, Taylor SwiftThere is ONE heroine made for her

This is one of the most persistent rumors that exist. Deadpool 3 : the presence of pop icon Taylor Swift. AND a role that would suit the superstar perfectly, that of the mutant Dazzler. The latter is capable of transforming sound vibrations into lights, a gift that she will put at the service of her career as a nightclub singer.

For now, nothing confirms that the artist will be in the MCU. However, his friendship with Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, and the slightest promotional image are enough to fuel fan theories. In interview in October 2023 for The envelopeLevy was also categorical: he will not say anything, we will have to wait.

1. Gambit

Kingsman : The Cercle d'or : Photo Channing Tatum, Halle BerryGambit and tornado

Like the Superman played by Nicolas Cage in The flash winkeye to Tim Burton’s aborted project, Channing Tatum could wear Gambit’s trench coat inside Deadpool 3. Because after X-Men Origins: Wolverine In 2009, 20th Century Fox wanted to make other movies about mutants, including one about Remy LeBeau/Gambit with the actor from magic mike. Unfortunately for Tatum and the public, production was officially canceled in 2019.

see it in Deadpool 3 Therefore, it would be quite likely, especially since The actor is a member of this friendly cameo group that Ryan Reynolds is a part of.. In fact, we got to see them both appear briefly in Bullet train. Plus, Tatum has a stint in another movie with Ryan Reynolds. free boy Directed by…Shawn Levy.

Answer July 24 at the cinema.

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