The 27-year-old singer will take on an incredible challenge on television.

Kendji Girac is taking a break from his artistic projects to face a new challenge. He begins a new television adventure without knowing exactly what awaits him in the coming days.

It is the turn of one of the most beautiful voices in France to disappear for a moment to relieve one of the greatest. challenges of his career. The gypsy in love with his caravan, Kendji Girac, chooses to stay away from his audience for two weeks. He drops his guitar and prepares to experience a human experience which has absolutely nothing to do with your usual universe. Are you curious to know what it is? We reveal to you what adventure your favorite artist will embark on.

A new enriching adventure for Kendji Girac

Kendji Girac, great name in French music

It was in 2014, when he participated in the show. The Voice: The Most Beautiful Voice that Kendji Girac will be revealed to the general public. The young man who was 17 years old at the time is the great one. winner from the 3rd season of the program. Since then, she has occupied a prominent place in the French artistic community and mainly in its music scene. After ten years of career, the singer released five albums the last of which, The school of Lifewas released in 2022. He is also known for having participated in numerous television programs as a judge, particularly in Children’s voices and Miss France 2023.

The announcement of his absence

On March 12, the guitarist made a publication that generated a lot of interest on his Instagram account. He announces in his content that instead of opting for the latest travel trends, he will embark on a destination that is completely unknown to him. In fact, like Vianney, Oli and Slimane, he was chosen to participate in the program. Encounter in unknown land, historically presented by Frédéric López. This is how he explains to his community the reason why you won’t hear from him for the next 15 days. Fans of the show, for their part, discover the identity of the next guest.

Kendji Girac’s impressions

The guitarist did not stop sharing his feeling as he prepares to immerse himself in this world that is completely unknown to him. In fact, the singer, who has never been away from his family and friends, fears his trip. Eva Alba’s father will be away from her for a while for a good cause. “Today is a great day. I’m going to live one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m going for 15 days to a place where I don’t know where I’m going. I imagine you know what an adventure this is.”he trusted, according to the weekly Television magazine.

“I admit I’m a little scared, but there you go. I hadn’t told you before but I’ll tell you on video. I’m going to take the plane soon and find out all this so that you don’t hear much from me, which is normal since I won’t have a phone anymore, nothing. I am excited by the idea of ​​discovering a world I don’t know. I hope it goes well for you, wish me a lot of encouragement and of course you will see it in several months.”said the tube singer Andalusian.

Reactions to the announcement of Kendji Girac’s participation

Focus on Rendezvous in an unknown land

Encounter in unknown land is a documentary in which a personality goes to discover a little-known town. This program allows the celebrity, but also the spectators learn more about other cultures and traditions that are very often threatened by modernization. This program has found its audience on the airwaves of France 5 since 2004 before being broadcast on France 2 in 2006. Today, theissue It is directed by the globetrotter Raphaël de Casabianca.

The particularity of the show.

What makes this television show so charming is the fact that all the information The production team keeps them a secret. In fact, the participant, Kendji Girac in this specific case, knows nothing of what awaits him. The latter does not know his destination and has no idea what awaits him there until the plane where everything is revealed to him. That’s why in his farewell video he is blindfolded. On top of that, he will be isolated from the rest of the world during his entire stay, not phone and without internet.

Ad Comments

The singer’s publication provoked numerous reactions in his community. While many question the merits of such adventure, others wish you an excellent trip. The singer’s subscribers, followers of the France 2 program, are as excited as he is and can’t wait to discover his journey. The one who has more than 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram has accumulated more than 33,000 mentions I like. Additionally, nearly 1,500 comments about him were left subscribers.

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