“That makes no sense !” : Kelly Massol (Who Wants to Be My Partner?) Rejected and Mocked After Crazy Offer!

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He recently appeared on “Who Wants to Be My Partner?” on M6. Kelly Massol, accomplished businesswoman, intends to play the game to the fullest. This is how when she likes a project she doesn’t set limits! Enough to make other investors react, and not only that.

In “Who Wants to Be My Partner?”, Kelly Massol makes an outlandish offer to two entrepreneurs. © M6

The rest after the announcement.

poker move Who wants to be my partner?, Wednesday 31 January 2024 on the M6. In addition to Marc Simoncini, Anthony Bourbon and Tony Parker, viewers met the group’s newest member, Kelly Massol. The founder of the hair care brand. Loly’s Secrets He was seduced by the speech of two entrepreneurs… to the point of making them a crazy offer! This proposal earned him some comments from his colleagues, but also from viewers.

Who wants to be my partner? : Kelly Massol’s incredible offer

Alain Chaix, basic engineer and orthopedic surgeon Redha Belal come to present their project on the set of the show: 3D splints.the plaster of the future“, they say. The duo asks for 150,000 euros against 10% of the company’s shares. Their explanations convince investors. And in particular Kelly Massol. “I’m not going to beat around the bush, I think the idea is great.declares the young woman. I like companies that change the life of the end customer. I think you’re aiming too small actually! I think your project deserves more.“Then he pulls out of his hat a fantastic offer: 500,000 euros for 20% of the shares!

Kelly Massol (Who wants to be my partner?) mocked by her colleagues

The two partners are left speechless. And the other figures of the show do not stop reacting. “So, in fact, you are paying even more than what they ask, right?“asks Anthony Bourbon. And Jean-Pierre Nadir, in turn, is surprised: “But that doesn’t make sense!“Given these statements, Kelly Massol does not lose ground:”It may not make sense, but it’s my way of thinking and it has always brought me luck.“On social media, many Internet users have protested… and even mocked his offer.

Who wants to be my partner? : Despite her crazy offer, Kelly Massol turned her down.

In the end, the businessmen did not accept Kelly Massol’s tempting proposal. In fact, Alain Chaix and Redha Belal preferred to continue the project together with Anthony Bourbon, Marc Simoncini and Tony Parker, who joined together to offer 300,000 euros against 30% of the shares.

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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