Temptation Island: “the way is clear”, a candidate faces a temptress and ends their relationship after a deception

The time has come for the confrontation on “Temptation Island”. After discovering a deception on the part of her partner, Salomé meets the temptress in question. And after a frank discussion, the young woman ended the relationship before calling her mother.

There was some commotion on “Temptation Island.” In the February 19, 2024 episode, the girls were upside down. On the one hand, Maéva gave in to temptation with Malek and, on the other, Salomé found out that her partner Timothy had kissed a temptress. In fact, it was during the campfire with Delphine Wespiser that she discovered footage of her lover confessing her betrayal. Immediately, Salomé reacted. “I wanted confirmation that the man I’m with no longer exists. 5 years of relationship gone to stay… I’m tired of being associated with this type of behavior, it’s disgusting. He is acting like a poor and fragile child even though he is the one playing. Actions have consequences and he will pay a high price. Before he left, he had our families move to organize a wedding but nothing. I am ashamed of him and I don’t want anyone to equate his name with mine anymore.” she said.

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“Temptation Island”: Salomé confronts Mako after being unfaithful with Timothy

To clarify the situation, he made an exceptional request: confront Mako, the temptress who kissed his partner Timothy.

Having responded favorably, the two young women took the time to discuss their point of view. Surprised by Mako’s comments about Timothy, Salomé reestablished the truth. “Tim tells what suits him when it suits him… The truth is the complete opposite of what he told you (…) Everything was going well but he is someone who is quite capricious and susceptible. He really he is on the run… I don’t know if he told you but he proposed to me, our families are organizing our wedding but he is throwing everything away. Do you make a good living? Good luck, you’ll find out yourself, but the credit cards he uses are in my name.” Salomé explained to Mako. At the end of this interview, Salomé thus left the “way free” to the temptress.

Upon returning to her beach, Salomé was quick to warn her mother to stop the wedding preparations. “I do not have good news. Since we got here, Tim has completely forgotten who I was. He left to see other girls… I ask you to stop the massacre because there is no point in getting tired. I’m so helpless… We’re canceling everything, I don’t understand.“She told her mother. For her part, she was “disgusted.”You didn’t embark on the easiest journey, I feel sorry for you, you will recover.” her mother reassured her. So, what will the reunion between Salomé and Timothy be like? Will continue in W9.

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