Taylor Swift will pollute up to 30 cars for a year if she flies to and from the Super Bowl in a private jet

If Taylor Swift goes to the Super Bowl to see her lover Travis Kelce play, she will contaminate up to 30 cars on the roads for a year or 4,000 propane tanks connected to a barbecue.

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“(Taylor Swift) is in a position of power and influence if she is exemplary… or if she trivializes the use of the worst means of transportation,” says Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace, for whom giving up this trip would send a strong message in the in the midst of a climate crisis.

Since dating the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Taylor Swift has become a regular at NFL games. With her victory last Sunday allowing the team to advance to the Super Bowl, the singer’s fans are wondering if they will be able to see her at the game on February 11.

But if Taylor Swift doesn’t want to become an “antihero” in the eyes of the planet, the question is whether she should even go there.

She will perform in Tokyo, Japan the day before, on February 10. Her next show will be in Melbourne, Australia on February 16. Given that the billionaire star has a private jet at her disposal and the time lag between Japan and the United States is in her favor, she could easily arrive in time for kickoff.

94 tons

However, these trips aboard his Dassault Falcon 900 would be responsible for approximately 94 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to the calculator of the private jet charter company Paramount.

By making this round trip across the Pacific, when she begins a series of shows in Asia and Australia, the singer will pollute up to 30 cars or consume as much energy as 22 homes for an entire year, according to the equivalence of Natural Resources Canada. calculator. Furthermore, a normal person emits an average of 7 tons of CO2 annually.

“We cannot ask people to make small gestures (against global warming) and see the ultra-rich to whom everything is allowed,” laments Bonin.

A plane flight from Tokyo to Melbourne, without a stop at the Super Bowl, would emit 35 tons of greenhouse gases, or almost three times less.

10 times more polluting

Private planes are up to ten times more polluting than commercial planes, recalls Bonin. “These are clearly superficial thefts and symptomatic of a society that is going to the wall,” he denounces.

According to him, governments should prohibit these flights, associated with the splendor of billionaires.

Last year, the British media He guardian had recorded that the private jets of stars, rich CEOs and Russian oligarchs had emitted more than 415,000 tons of CO2. For example, Quebec billionaire Lawrence Stroll had made more than 1,500 flights, many of which lasted only 15 minutes.

Taylor Swift is also at the top of the artists who pollute the most, according to the compilation by the British company Yard.

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