Super Bowl: Taylor Swift in 5 landmark moments

Super Bowl night has also become Taylor Swift night, as her presence on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium attracted so much attention! Here are five moments that gave the web a lot to talk about.

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A notable arrival

Along with her friend Blake Lively and Ice Spice, Taylor Swift finally arrived on time for the Super Bowl. After some concerts in Tokyo as part of his Tour of the eras, Taylor Swift had to rush to cheer on her love interest Travis Kelce of the Chiefs. Taylor Swift was received like a queen, and was even praised by Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL.

A little dance with Blake Lively

During Post Malone’s performance, Taylor Swift was caught on camera dancing very close to actress Blake Lively, who was notably seen in Green Lantern and The Age of Adaline. Blake Lively, wife of actor Ryan Reynolds, is part of Taylor Swift’s inner circle. She was also at Taylor Swift’s birthday party last December.

And a beer!

What would the Super Bowl be without incredible amounts of alcohol? During the tasting, Taylor Swift appeared on the stadium’s giant screen alongside her very good friend Ashley Avignone, a stylist and designer. Fans openly screamed (or booed in the case of the opposing team’s fans) when she threw her drink against the counter. Madness, you say?

Explosion of joy for the Chiefs’ victory

Taylor Swift literally jumped for joy at the victory of the Chiefs, her lover’s team. Surrounded by Lana Del Rey, Blake Lively, Ice Spice and many other people, she had to hold on to keep from falling because the atmosphere was so festive!

When Travis Kelce sees Taylor Swift

As soon as the game ended, Taylor Swift walked out onto the field with her lover’s mother, Donna Kelce, completely emotional.

After winning the Super Bowl with the Chiefs, Travis Kelce seemed ecstatic. When he saw her lover, he rushed to hug her in front of tons of cameras. The much-publicized couple didn’t seem to mind the attention they were receiving, judging by the numerous hugs and kisses exchanged in public after the victory.

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