Super Bowl LVIII Press Night: Travis Kelce on a Mission to Catch Taylor Swift

LAS VEGAS | When 6,000 journalists from around the world are in the same room, it’s not the time to say too much about your relationship with one of the world’s biggest stars. What Travis Kelce has made no secret of is that he has a lot of work to do to join his better half Taylor Swift in the wins column.

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Evidently, the couple of the hour attracted attention during the traditional media evening, which officially opened the week of activities at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

An hour before the players arrived at Allegiant Stadium’s center field, the wildlife in front of the podium stretched as far as the eye could see. Reporters, including several quirky characters, shouted at Travis to ask questions as he took his seat, but the ambient cacophony made the exercise difficult.

We can already imagine a poor neophyte journalist who had come to question him about a football topic like his tight end position, and then realized that it was a zoo! Even more than during the usual media evenings.

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Trophy competition

Obviously, several questions focused on his hyper-publicized romance with Taylor Swift.

Kelce didn’t seem bothered by the recurring theme. She responded politely without causing trouble and seemed genuinely happy to talk about her love, who set a music industry record Sunday with a fourth Grammy for album of the year.

The Chiefs player, who has two Vince-Lombardi trophies awarded to the Super Bowl champions, would like to take advantage of the duel against the 49ers to increase his collection.

“She’s amazing,” he said of his famous lady love.

“She is rewriting the history books. I told him that I had no choice but to do my bit to take home a trophy too,” she said, smiling.

No pressure

Evidently Kelce did not come into the world with this relationship. She already held a place as one of the greatest players in NFL history long before Swift came into her life.

However, since then its popularity has skyrocketed. It took him two years to reach 1.1 million subscribers on Instagram. Since her romance with Swift came to light this fall, her subscriber count has skyrocketed to 5.8 million.

It shows that a whole new wave of the star’s followers, the Swifties, are now at least casually interested in the NFL. Or at least, the Chiefs, which doesn’t seem to irritate Kelce too much.

“You can’t put more pressure on me than I put on myself, believe me. It’s clear she brought her share of new fans to our sport. She seems to really enjoy the games and now she is part of the Chiefs kingdom. It’s new in her life and it’s nice to see,” Kelce said.

The NFL is having fun

Super Bowl LVIII Press Night: Travis Kelce on a Mission to Catch Taylor Swift

Getty Images via AFP

Recently, various articles have reported an economic impact that amounts to more than 300 million for the NFL and the Chiefs in just a few months.

If many fans complain about Swift’s omnipresence, they’ll have to be patient.

Many misguided minds even say that they are convinced that the NFL is organized with the views of the guy, who generated such a scenario to generate more and more attention.

“It’s nonsense, it’s not even worth talking about,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said at his annual conference.

“We see two people having fun together. It is wonderful. I wish you happiness.

“They look very happy. She (Swift) knows what true entertainment is and I think that’s why she loves the NFL. Obviously it creates a stir. She brings us a new segment of fans, especially young women,” the big man of the circuit rejoiced.

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