Star Academy: Héléna may regret it after being defeated in the semifinals

Héléna will have made her fans and Belgians dream until the end. Unfortunately, his adventure ended on the verge of the final of the star academy. On Saturday night she was defeated by her friend Pierre, who will face Julien next Saturday.

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Only one point separated Héléna and Pierre

Can the Belgian port regret when we know that Belgian spectators could not vote for their favorite candidate? So it seems. Not taking into account Saturday’s bonus performances during which Pierre was imperial. However, throughout the evening, Nikos Aliagas repeated that between the last two semi-finalists the situation was very close. To confirm that it was not just a ploy to encourage the public to continue voting en masse, the bailiff who controls the proper conduct of the voting and the broadcast testified, directly, that the relationship between Héléna and Pierre was very close. Only one point separated the two candidates during the week, he said. A situation described as unprecedented by the program’s presenter.

Star Academy: Héléna’s semi-final caused an increase in viewership

Clément Garin says it: it was very tight

Clément Garin, a journalist specialized in media and always very well informed, confirms this through his social networks. He cites the production of the program as a source to affirm that indeed, the results were very close. “Pierre seems to have received the votes of the housewives”, he writes. He knows that the French academic had the support of women under 50, supposedly responsible for household purchases, who were in front of their screens on Saturday night. They are the main objective of a program like star academy.

Therefore, it was during the prime time that the trend changed. Because Clément Garin reports that Héléna was in the lead for almost the entire week before the start on Saturday. This is what the production would have entrusted to him. Enough to make one regret the voting system that deprives Belgians of supporting the candidate of their choice.

Lara Fabián would like to see herself as a Star Academy super coach

In another message published on Sunday, Clément Garin also announced that Lara Fabián had declared herself willing to join the faculty of the star academy as a super trainer. He would have confronted Adeline Tonutti, singing teacher of the 2023-2024 class, stating that with her the academics would have “real lessons”. The journalist quotes her: “I could go there every week, maybe to help them, give them a real lesson, with the song that puts them in danger, with the element that torments them”.

In the edition of HD published on Saturday, the Belgian-Canadian singer indicated however that she should not be counted on. But she was only referring to the position of director of the star academy where many would like to see it. It is clear that she had no intention of definitively closing the door on the TF1 program.

Lara Fabián: “I am much happier to be what I am today than what I was”

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