“Star Academy”: “A little whim”, Dadju gave Pierre a pleasant surprise during the final

« Stop, stop, stop, please » Dadju interrupted when Pierre had just started. Complicated. « I’m going to break everything today. Actually look, I know you spent a week rehearsing Complicated, because that’s what we said, but sometimes I lie. », explained Dadju, before Pierre’s visibly astonished gaze.

« What I want to do, I want to please myself. Today I don’t want us to sing Dadju. Today I want us to sing Pierre. “He continued, to the applause of the public. Earlier this week, Dadju went to the castle and was impressed after hearing the student’s original piece.

“The truth is that I threw a little tantrum.”

« I will try to follow you, we will try to lend each other the verses. I’ll try to sing your song with you. » continued Dadju, at the origin of the craziest moment of this entire season. “ I know Uncle Nikos doesn’t like unexpected events like that. “Dadju even ventured, even though the host had no idea what was going on on set.” Dadju surprises him, I didn’t know that either. », confirmed Nikos, behind the scenes, indicating that it was “ a novelty at the Star Academy ».

Pierre, accompanied by Dadju, then performed his title, what we were. Although it has not yet been released, the song is already generating a stir on social networks. The two men were joined on stage by all the other academics, Tayc and even Vitaa and Patrick Bruel. Accompanied by the public they performed the academic’s piece. Special mention for Julien, whose fair play we can only applaud, as he took the stage to sing the title of his competitor.

« I’ll tell you everything, it took us by surprise. We really didn’t know what was going to happen. You are very strong (Dadju)»Nikos explained after the performance. “ It has a very, very big sound, Dadju estimated. Honestly, I had a little whim, but I think it’s the whim of all of us (…) Sorry for the little unforeseen event, but I really wanted to have this little whim and I really wanted to congratulate our two finalists who are incredible. »estimated the singer.

With this “ coup » by Dadju, say Vitaa, we have witnessed one of the strongest moments, if not the strongest, of Star Academy 2023. An exceptional moment full of emotions… and now we hope that this title from Pierre will come out very soon. ., since the Norman won this 11th season of “Star Academy” with 55.6% of the viewers’ votes. A more than deserved victory.

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