Star Academy 2023: Pierre receives a very symbolic gift linked to Héléna after the premiere, the Web is on fire!

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On Saturday, January 20, 2024, it was finally Axel who was eliminated from this eleventh season of “Star Academy”. While his remaining companions returned by bus to the castle of Dammarie-les-lys, Pierre had the merit of unleashing passions on X, formerly Twitter, after receiving a gift from a fan… connection with the beautiful Héléna!

Star Academy 2023: Pierre receives a very symbolic gift after the bonus in relation to Héléna, the Web is on fire!

The rest after the announcement.

A first semi-final full of emotions! On Saturday, January 20, 2024, Nikos Aliagas put this new and long-awaited bonus to the test. Star Academy 2023 decide between Axel and Julien. On stage, the two men brilliantly defended their place with conviction. After performing as a duo, the lead performers performed solos under the watchful eye of their teachers. And that’s not all !

Former students have also orchestrated their return! Like Margot, Candice and Lénie! In the process, Nikos Aliagas made a rather unexpected announcement that made many happy: “This concerns you, Lenie.“, the presenter told him: “With your friends, you go on tour throughout France. And it’s a huge box. You are number 1 in sales, friends! Between last Saturday and this afternoon no less than twenty dates were added (…).” Finally, it was Axel who retired after several weeks of adventures at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. After his elimination, Nikos Aliagas announced that there would be another season of the S.tar academyHis companions still in the race took the bus back to their fortress and one detail especially amused the Twittos.

Pierre did not let go of his precious gift on the bus.

In fact, Pierre received from an admirer a colorful scarf similar to the one worn daily by the beautiful Héléna. For several weeks now, the main people involved have shown an undeniable complicity that has caused people to talk. To the point that thousands of fans accuse them to this day of maintaining a very ambiguous relationship even though the young Belgian is in a relationship. Between his fiery statements and his abundant gestures of affection, the tension is more than palpable between the two artists.

Who bought the duplicate of Héléna’s scarf to give to Pierre hahaha?“, “So, is there a fan who gave Pierre the same scarf as Hélena? You have to explain the concept to me.“, “What an idea to give a Helena scarf to Pierre”,Did I dream where Pierre received a handkerchief like Helena’s?“, we can continue reading

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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