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Sofia Coppola’s new feature film, “Priscilla”, is the best film of the week according to the French press.

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Priscilla, the eighth feature film directed by Sofia Coppola, premiered in theaters this week. Focusing not on Elvis, as Baz Luhrmann recently did, but on Priscilla Presley, the King’s companion from 1967 to 1973, the biopic was very well received by the French press: its average is 3.8/5 (on AlloCiné, for 38 media).

While this rating is far from matching those of the director’s early masterpieces (Virgin Suicides got 4.4/5 and Lost in Translation 4.5), it is higher than all of her films since 2011’s Somewhere.


When Priscilla meets Elvis, she is a high school student. He, at 24 years old, is already a world star. From her secret romance to her iconic marriage, Sofia Coppola paints the portrait of Priscilla, a modest teenager who slowly awakens from her fairy tale to take charge of her life.


According to her :

“Sensitive, disturbing, masterful.” (Florencia Tredez) 5/5

According to 20 minutes:

“Cailee Spaeny, in the title role, did not steal her acting award at the Venice Film Festival. From shy girl to accomplished woman, she follows the painful path of her model, the real Priscilla Presley, who co-produced this tough and powerful movie.” (Caroline Vié) 4/5

According to Cahiers du Cinéma:

“Starting from the curse that condemns the couple to slip into its media shine, Priscilla is above all a very soft melodrama, a whispered film, which makes the confessions in the marital bedroom the appropriate sound level for this story.” (Luis Séguin) 4/5

According to Le Point:

“Sofia Coppola films this story as a variation on Alice in Wonderland and in the process offers a unique and moving self-portrait, undoubtedly the best film of her career.” (Florencia Colombani) 4/5

Is Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla a good movie? Here are the first opinions of viewers about this biographical film with Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi

According to Marianne:

“This dark romance definitely deserved a movie. Good news: It’s excellent.” (Olivier De Bruyn) 4/5

According to the deserter:

“The usual dryness of Sofia Coppola’s strong sarcastic tone does not prevent tenderness. On the contrary, it makes her satire more nuanced and fairer on the melancholy of a youth that knows itself to be a prisoner of its reflections.” (Frédéric Mercier) 4/5

According to aVoir-aLire.com

“Sofia Coppola, undisputed queen of the female gaze, tells the great story through the prism of the sacred feminine. She manages to mythologize the figure of Priscilla Presley and establish her as a timeless icon. Here we touch on the sublime.” (Julien Rocher) 4/5

According to Le Parisien:

“From a formal point of view, we are in a Sofia Coppola film, with a vaporous atmosphere that underlines the boredom of the wife who is often left alone in Graceland. Basically, the film leaves a mixed impression.” (Renaud Baroniano) 3/5

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