Sébastien (L’amour est dans le pré 16) reveals his new project after his breakup with Karine

On the occasion of the new edition of Seen from the meadow Broadcast this Monday, January 22, on M6, viewers were able to see the great project that Sébastien l’Ardéchois is currently working on, discovered in season 16 of Love is in the air.

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Sébastien news. Or rather his plans. The Ardèche Farmer from season 16 Love is in the air participated this Monday, January 22 in Seen from the meadow, second part of the nighttime meeting in which former candidates and former suitors see images of the episode broadcast that same night. And to report on the third and final portrait evening of season 19 of the show played by Karine Le Marchand, M6 invited her friends from season 14, the inseparable Francis and Didier, to Sébastien’s house.

Sébastien (Love is in the air season): the ambitious project of the lavender producer in season 16

Still single since his separation from Karine, who he claimed had moved on too quickly, Sébastien embarked on an ambitious renovation project. The goal of the lavender grower: the transformation of an old building into a comfortable rural house for two people, which did not fail to show the two old scoundrels. “When we come to the loved ones, we will be fine!“, even projected Francis, who, however, like his friends, is still single. In the building currently under construction, Sébastien intends to transform the current layout of the rooms to offer more space, for example by creating a kitchen in what until then was a bedroom.

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Francisco and Didier Love is in the air Are you still single?

When it is open, it will be beautiful.“Francisco confirmed, without shying away from a comment. And he added: “We want to return and if possible accompanied. On the other hand, if we come with Didier, we will come one after the other, if we are a couple.“.”We will put a click clack“, decided Didier, who is still looking for a soulmate after his breakup with Catherine, former suitor of Alain le Breton, from season 17 of Love is in the air. Sébastien then asked Didier to help him remove the struts that supported the ceiling boards. A mini project carried out without damage before the trio sat down in front of the television to discover the first portrait of this third evening dedicated to season 19 with Guy and his sacred character.

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