Sean Monahan accepted less money to play with the Canadian

Last summer, Sean Monahan agreed to a one-season contract with the Montreal Canadiens.

Many applauded Kent Hughes when we learned the amount of his deal ($1.985 million), because we knew the veteran was useful to the club last year.

And with his injury history, seeing him sign for so little was good news in itself.

Sean Monahan has shown from the beginning of his career that he can be an important element in a hockey club. He is reliable in all three areas of the ice and his offensive touch allows him to be a consistently dangerous player on the ice.

That’s why last summer there was interest in their services. Even that, according to Mathias Brunet, who was on Martin Lemay’s program on the airwaves of BPM Sports

The player accepted less money to be able to play with the Canadian:

I found out this today: Monahan turned down more money elsewhere than in Montreal. – Mathias Brunet

The La Presse journalist goes on to say that it was logical for him, because playing for the Canadian allows him to play more to increase his value:

Martin Lemay maintains that he is willing to offer him a five-year contract worth $5 million per season, but Mathias Brunet does not agree because Monahan is (already) 29 years old.

The truth is that by signing Monahan for five years, the Canadian opens the door to having a versatile player for the end of the reconstruction.

An experienced veteran who can help the young players with the team… But the player is too plagued by injuries to believe that he will be healthy in the long term.

And therein lies the problem.

Monahan is an important player for the Canadiens right now and it’s hard to argue otherwise. But will it still be three years from now, when the young people have reached maturity and the Canadian is ready to compete?

Knowing his medical history, we can wonder if he will still be performing well in two or three years. And if he can no longer keep up, the Canadian will have some trouble on his hands.

Barring a big surprise, let’s finish by remembering that the forward should leave the Canadiens before the trade deadline… And that according to David Pagnotta, the asking price for his services would be a first-round pick or a second-round pick with a hope. It is useful to remember this.

A lot

– Big loss for the Golden Knights.

– The weapon of #22.

ovi it’s back.

– Great news.

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