Sam Breton must make a heartbreaking decision for his health: explained

Comedian Sam Breton is going through difficult times, this is how he chose to explain today on his social networks. Due to exhaustion, he makes the heartbreaking decision to cancel all shows on his tour. By the pick and by the shovel.

The decision became evident over time, but also after the recent recommendation of a health professional.

Here is the complete message that Sam Breton published this Wednesday on his social networks:

« I started building my first solo show titled “Au pic pis à pelle” in 2019. I invested absolutely everything in myself with this show. What a pride to bring it to light in January 2020. The pandemic quickly interrupted the course of this project. Despite the cancellations, the moving shows and the performances before a restricted audience to respect health regulations – and so on – I continued to believe in my show and I hope to experience a “normal” tour.

Despite the advice of those around me about the continuity of the post-pandemic show, which was not easy, I persisted by always adding a few show dates, a few more months, to extend the tour despite the ups and downs since 2020. It was a great pleasure to do my work presenting you “Au pic pis à pelle”, a great joy to hear you laugh.

But now, for some time now, the signs of fatigue have intensified. My determination pushed me to ignore these signs as much as I could, all with the sole objective of offering my best. I sincerely hoped that I would have the energy to confront the symptoms and complete this self-imposed journey.

But now I can’t pretend anymore. Sometimes in life you have to know how to walk away. It is with the motto in my throat that I must suddenly end this journey following the recommendations of health professionals. It is necessary to take a few months of rest to allow me to regain all my energy.

If there is disappointment in not being able to finish the last three months of my tour, know that there is also a lot of pride. “Au pic pis à pelle” are 556 performances of pure happiness that taught me a lot about myself.

Much love for the uncomfortable.

Be kind, gentle and kind to yourself.

Deciding to choose yourself will always be the best decision. »

Several accomplices from the world of humor wanted to send him a message.

Pierre Hébert writes: “ My friend! You do well to listen to yourself! I am proud of you and I love you! “. For his part, Guillaume Pineault writes: “ I love you my friend, you do well to listen to yourself and you have something to be extremely proud of. For your boyfriend Pin, you are a true source of inspiration. »

Of course, we join them in wishing Sam Breton a speedy recovery and saluting his bravery in choosing himself.

In this way, all the comedian’s shows that were to take place starting January 10 are cancelled. Ticket holders are invited to contact performance venues for a refund.

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