Romain (Beijing Express 2024) embarrassed in front of Laura

New pair for season 18 Beijing Express, Laura and Romain surpassed each other in the first test. However, despite these difficulties, it is another problem that the duo must face…

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What an adventure start to this 18th season of Beijing Express ! An abandonment, an elimination, the largest lake of acid in the world, it is a frenetic race that occupies the seven couples that are still in competition. The start of the second stage tested their nerves with a tour of the slope of the Kawah Ijen volcano. To add to the challenge, each duo had to tow several kilos of sulfur. A test in which the characters are revealed: there are the greedy ones, like Ryad and Louison, who start with 140 kg, the confident ones, like Jérôme and Emma, ​​who weigh 82 kg, or the motivated ones, like Myriam and her grandfather Patrick, that carry 65 kilograms. A grueling, timed climb that everyone dreams of completing: only one couple fails to do it within the allotted time. Then comes, for everyone, the time to look for a place to sleep.

it’s really weird“: Romain and Laura, the new couple Beijing Express 2024we have to share a shower together

For his debut in Beijing Express, Romain and Laura experience their great firsts: the first hitchhike, the first race, the first search for accommodation… and the first confrontation with promiscuity. If everything seems to smile at you, The new couple made up of the hairdresser and his client must share a shower with their hosts. “It’s very strange, because I have never showered with a woman. and even less with a client!“Romain laughs. Once the embarrassment has passed, he continues in good spirits: “But there is definitely a moment in the adventure where she will see my butt so ‘come on’, let’s go take a shower! I want foam and soap“says the hairdresser, eager to enjoy this moment of relaxation… with cold water!”We laugh, but it’s thermal shock.“, he acknowledges. Laura, more philosophical, maintains the positive: “We relax from the race, it feels good.“.

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Beijing Express 2024 : positive results for the first day of the couple Romain and Laura

Successful entry to the contest for Laura and Romain. Hitchhiking quickly, the duo reached the top of the volcano first, overtaking their fellow Corsicans who had, however, been faster at the start of the hike. As for finding accommodation, the duo did well and for this first night, they have a roof over their heads. Encouraging beginnings for this atypical tandem!

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