Quebec native Shanie Blais dances with Colombian singer Karol G on the international tour “Mañana Sera Bonito”

After having danced alongside Olivia Rodrigo, Shania Twain, Bebe Rexha and other Camilla Cabello, Quebecer Shanie Blais is now making a new dream come true: she will soon follow Colombian singer Karol G on a tour of Latin America and Europe.

“I have worked my entire life with the goal of accompanying an artist on an international tour. All the sacrifices I made – and those my parents made – were to make this dream come true,” confesses the one we discover in the program. Revolutionin 2018.

Four years have passed since the Quebec native left her roots to settle in Los Angeles, where she has since pursued her professional dreams.

These finally did not take long to come true; Shortly after her arrival, she accompanied Olivia Rodrigo on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and then Shania Twain on stage at the People’s Choice Awards. Meanwhile, Shanie Blais also appeared in the music videos accompanying several Camilla Cabello hits (living proof), Baby Rexha (Chain my heart) or Encore Sofia Carson (He loves me but).

For more diversity

However, the idea of ​​dancing alongside a Latin superstar like Karol G was not necessarily in her plans. Originally from Medellín, Colombia, the singer has more than 150 awards and statuettes in her wardrobe, in addition to having collaborated with the Shakira, Becky G and Nicki Minaj of this world.

“The requirements for Latin dancers are usually very stereotyped and very strict; They want to have tall, thin girls with long hair… in short, everything that I am not,” says Shanie Blais.

“But Karol G changed her aesthetic a year ago to accommodate greater diversity. It feels good to see different bodies, both for us and for the people in the room. If more people in the audience can identify with who they see on stage, I think everyone wins,” he continues.

Quebec native Shanie Blais (right) on stage with Karol G for a performance in Puerto Rico, in March 2023.

AFP Photo

The world… waiting for Quebec

The Quebecer will soon fly to Latin America where the tour will end. Tomorrow will be nice It is expected, among others, in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Then it will be the turn of the European metropolises to receive the visit of Karol G and his team, with stops planned in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Madrid and even Berlin starting in May.

However, no stop is planned in Montreal or even in Canada. This dream will still have to wait.

“It’s true that one of my big dreams is to work on a tour that will stop in Quebec. It won’t be this year, but I know it will come,” says Shanie Blais.

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