PRIVATE WITH Sandrine Quétier: Her children Lola and Gaston, her “little Tanguys” still at home!

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On television, nothing escapes you, from entertainment programs like Top Chef or Koh-Lanta, to more serious programs such as television news or debate programs, nothing escapes you. In short, everything related to the small screen and the media is their domain.

Within the framework of the launch of her new album, “Hard to follow”, Sandrine Quétier speaks, like rarely, about her career as a singer, but not only, before the microphone of the program “En Privé avec”, on “ “. . The former television presenter also talks about the relationship she has with her two children Lola and Gastón.

Exclusive: Meet Sandrine Quétier at Webedia in Paris, France for an “In Private with” Purepeople interview. © Jack Tribeca/Bestimage © Purepeople

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After 20 years of television and 5 years of film, Sandrine Quétier embarks on the great adventure of music, her lifelong passion. After scenes in the group Molly Pepper, the former presenter takes off and presents on March 29, 2024 her first solo album called Hard to follow. The singer made this great leap by herself, encouraged by her relatives. And especially his children. To the microphone for the Es program In private, Sandrine Quétier talks about the support she received from those close to her, but also about the relationship she maintains today with Lola (22 years old) and Gaston (20 years old), both born from her past relationship with Fabrice Michelin.

Sandrine Quétier supported by her loved ones in her reconversion

Going from television presenter on TF1 to singer is not easy. Fortunately, Sandrine Quétier was encouraged by her community to make her dream come true. “My friends told me: ‘But go ahead! You are not afraid ?’ Even if it’s a little… But I’ll still go. Because if I hadn’t done it there, I never would have done it. So it was time“, he remembers. Two other people played a key role in this reconversion: his children Lola and Gastón who are “hyper fires“. And added: “And then, when we teach them that we can be multiple, that we can do many things, that we just have to do them well with passion, they are also jacks of all trades. I advocate having several lives in one, having a job for 10/15 years… It is a strength, an opportunity.

Lola and Gaston, the “Tanguy” children of Sandrine Quétier

Today, Sandrine Quétier maintains good relationships with her children, who still live with her. “They are at home, they are my little Tanguys.laughs the happy mother. Lola is in journalism school in Dauphine. She makes short films, she just made her first one. Gastón is in real estate school on a work-study basis. They are still with me.“As always. Like the notoriety of their mother, with whom they have lived since they were born:”They don’t care, they were born with it. Mom has always loved television, so it’s not something that impresses them at all. They came to the locker room to do their homework. They don’t have that connection with the fans because, ultimately, they’ve always known.“If Gastón intends to become a real estate agent, perhaps Lola will have a career in television journalism…

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The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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