Princess Kate diagnosed with cancer

Princess Kate Middleton, the very popular wife of the heir to the British throne and mother of three young children, caused a huge shock on Friday by announcing that she was suffering from cancer.

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“In January I had major abdominal surgery in London. At that time he was not supposed to have cancer. The operation is a success. However, tests after the operation revealed the presence of cancer,” he revealed on Friday, in a video of approximately two minutes published on his social networks.

The Princess of Wales, 42, added in a calm and serene voice that she had started preventive chemotherapy, without specifying what type of cancer she was suffering from. She admits the news came as a shock to her husband, Prince William, and her three children under the age of 10.

“It took us a while to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis, in a way that was appropriate for them, to reassure them that I will get through this,” says Kate Middleton, looking tired.

The latter, who appears in the video sitting on a bench and surrounded by flowers, says that she now needs time and respect for her private life during her cancer treatment.

Rain of reactions

This rather sober sequence had the effect of a bombshell on Friday afternoon.

The Monarchist League of Canada-Quebec told the Journal it was “upset” by the news.

“We were very moved to learn that he had cancer. It’s a total shock. I think he took us by surprise,” shares Karim Al-Dahdah, shocked by this announcement.

It didn’t take long for messages of support to arrive from all over the world.

King Charles III said he was “proud of the courage” shown by Princess Kate, wife of his eldest son William. It should be noted that the king himself revealed, last February, that he suffered from cancer. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan wished him, through a press release, “health and healing.”

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, hopes for a “quick and complete recovery” of the princess.

“On behalf of Canadians, I express my support during your treatment,” he wrote on social media.

End of the rumors

Kate Middleton’s health has been the subject of numerous rumors for more than two months.

Kensington Palace announced in January that Kate Middleton had undergone major abdominal surgery. She had warned that she would not hold public office again before Easter.

The lack of information about his health has fueled wild rumors and speculation.

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On March 10, to mark British Mother’s Day, Kensington Palace released an official photograph of Kate and her three children. It was the first photo of her since Christmas.

Several major news agencies then removed the princess’s photo from their articles, as it had been modified. Kate then admitted that she had photoshopped the photo of her, which further fueled the gossip about her.

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