Prince William: this hiring of his bodyguard is news for him

On the one hand, the cancer treatment that her father is undergoing, on the other, Kate’s convalescence, after the abdominal operation she underwent… In front of health problems of his loved ones, Prince William finds himself alone in his obligations as heir to the throne.

A very heavy task but above all an additional workload that forced him to take the step of hiring for the first time, full-time, a senior valet, commonly called “Jeeves”.

What is Prince William’s “Jeeves” in charge of?

The Prince of Wales, who was accustomed to dressing himself, had always rejected the idea of ​​hiring a valet, thus judging too pretentious tradition to your taste. A man of his time, the crown prince argued that he could put on his own pants and preferred to receive style tips of his wife.

Mirrorand must accompany him during his travels.

Why did Prince William so steadfastly refuse to bow to this tradition?

In addition to the fact that he considered this tradition pretentious, and that Kate also does not want to have a lot of staff at her home in Adelaide Cottage, another much deeper reason lively Prince William.

Butler Pablo Burrell. Courted by the media, it has in fact become a television personality thanks to his knowledge of the royal family. This is precisely what Prince William was looking for which must be avoided at all costs.

What we know about Prince William’s new recruit

To help him accomplish his task without running the risk of seeing his daily life exposed to the press, the Prince of Wales surrounded himself with a new valet who would be very discreet and above all would like to remain anonymous.

The new full-time valet is in his 20s and previously worked in the royal family as part of a select circle of staff serving Queen Elizabeth II during the Covid pandemic, it has been reported. He later worked as a butler in the service of a sheikh in the middle east before returning to the UK.

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