“Presumptuous, retrograde and hypocritical”: Sophie Marceau comes out of her reserve… and her hinges

For Sophie Marceau, enough is enough. Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, the “guaranteed freedom” Abortion is debated in Parliament. since January 14. Invited by Franceinfo to discuss this topic, Gérard Larcher estimates that “Abortion was not threatened” in France. “If it were threatened, believe me, I would fight to keep it. But I believe that the Constitution is not a catalog of social and social rights.” launched the elected representative Les Républicains.
An opinion that made Sophie Marceau jump. After this interview aired, the actress took to her Instagram account to give a rare rant. “Of course abortion is threatened! Like the fate of women who cannot resort to it and who are put in danger of death.”wrote Sophie Marceau. “You really don’t care about the fate of women.”

After her message, the actress continued attacking Gérard Larcher. “You represent patriarchy in all its splendor: complacent, retrograde and hypocritical. You shame our French society.he concluded. As long as there are men like you, we will all be in danger.” In the comments, many Internet users supported this statement.
But let Sophie Marceau rest assured: Gérard Larcher will not vote in favor of this bill. As president of the Senate, “I don’t vote, but I give you a very personal opinion”. “In conscience I think that the Constitution is not that catalog, he added. “My first concern is the conditions under which voluntary termination of pregnancy is practiced.”

Sophie Marceau: abortion, an important issue

“We have closed, in more than ten years, 130 centers that were dedicated to this”, continued Gérard Larcher. According to him, regarding abortion, “The first problem is the very bad response we give to these women who, at a given moment, make the decision.” The inclusion of abortion in the Constitution must be voted on during a Congress that brings together deputies and senators, on March 5. If the deputies vote this January 24, the senators will decide at the end of February.
The senators had already been able to vote on a text that referred to “a woman’s freedom to terminate her pregnancy.” From now on, this project is about “guaranteed freedom”. “Gérard Larcher has always been opposed and that did not prevent the Senate from voting in favor, environmentalist senator Mélanie Vogel reacted to AFP. “If some people change their vote a year later, it will be an excuse.”

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