President Javier Milei attacks a singing star

In Argentina, Javier Milei alienates the world of music and culture. In recent days, the ultraliberal president has violently attacked the pop singer and actress Lali Esposito, very famous in Argentina and Latin America for having appeared in soap operas, released several albums and sung with Katy Perry and Ricky Martin.

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An Argentine pop diva has become Milei’s cause for concern, whose statements are making rounds in the local media. Among other jokes, the ultra-liberal Javier Milei accused the 32-year-old singer of “ starving children ” and ” live off the taxpayers » because the festivals in which he performs are subsidized by the state. She also nicknamed her Lali Despósito, a play on her name and “despósito.” ”, or bank deposit in French.

In a tweet, the singer responded to the president. She explains that she earned her money working since she was ten years old, starting in television, which allowed her, among other things, to buy her parents a house. “ jI don’t know anything except work and that’s how I make my living. “he wrote in X.” I respect, although I do not share it, that your project turns its back on culture or does not make it a priority but (…) demonizing an industry and the people who make it up is not the solution. »

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An attempt to ” silence her »

But the president is not targeting the popular singer just because he wants to eliminate many state subsidies. She does not forget that, during her first electoral successes last August, Lali Espósito said that she was saddened that people voted for someone who opposed rights. The singer is particularly known for her feminism and her commitment to abortion before its legalization in the country in 2021.

In recent days, the entire Argentine modern music scene has sided with Lali Espósito. “María Becerra, reggaeton star in Argentina, reported attacks against an artist” from the top of state power ” pour ” silence her “, that remember “ A dark chapter in the history of our country. “. Several political leaders also expressed their support, including Carolina Píparo, an independent deputy and recently close to the Argentine president.

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