Pierre Arditi defends Nicolas Bedos in “C à vous”

VIDEO – In the France 5 talk hosted by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the actor showed his support for the director accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

“I’m going to make friends, but it doesn’t matter.”, Pierre Arditi jokes this Friday, February 16, on the set of “C à vous.” The actor was invited to the dinner-talk offered by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine for the promotion of his return to the stage at the Pepinière Theater. Pierre Arditi shares his passion for reading and states loud and clear: “Nothing and no one will stop me from growing old in front of you”. A replica of the work. Lapland of Samuel Benchetrit, who stopped playing on January 6. In 2023, Pierre Arditi was a victim of various ailments on stage.

This afternoon, the actor wanted to mention another of his prides, the series. Alfonso broadcast on Prime Video and directed by Nicolas Bedos. “A magnificent work, totally atypical”, comments Pierre Arditi. But shortly before the episodes were put online, Nicolas Bedos was accused of “sexual assault while intoxicated” by a 25 year old young woman. The events allegedly took place in a private club in Paris last June. Nicolas Bedos risks five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros. he will also be judged in September 2024 pour «sexual assault and sexual harassment” for events dating back to June 2018 and May 2023.

It’s a pity that I make enemies, I prefer to have a little courage. I wouldn’t accept any for people who deserve severe punishment.

Pierre Arditi in “C to you”

“Nicolas is in an uproar”, begins Pierre Arditi, who is filming for the third time with the son of Guy Bedos. After Mr. and Mrs. Adelman in 2016 and The good times in 2019. “He admitted a series of things that are serious, but that I believe are not violations. In any case, there is something called one, presumption of innocence, two, justice. “Justice will say what it has to say.”continues before adding: “I can’t imagine ruining the career of this guy who has absolutely crazy talent.” Pierre Arditi insists that talent “it doesn’t allow everything” and? “Women are right to rebel against behaviors that are no longer acceptable”.

“I honestly don’t think Nicolás will fall for this”continues Pierre Arditi. “I wanted to say it because, it’s a shame if I make enemies, he has always looked at me a little as if I were a second father and I always look at him as if I had a second son who I wasn’t. He didn’t expect it. It’s a pity that I make enemies, I prefer to have a little courage. “I wouldn’t have one for people who deserve severe punishment.”he adds.

Promoting the series. Alfonso was silenced, according to the wishes of the Amazon platform, following the accusations against the director today. “Except word of mouth meant that, at one point, it was viewed fantastically.”comments Pierre Arditi.

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