Phil Danault mentally broke Pierre-Luc Dubois

The Quebec duel between Phil Danault and Pierre-Luc Dubois was supposed to be epic to determine who would occupy the second center position for the Los Angeles Kings.

Now it is clear that there is no longer room for debate. Danault elevated the game to a higher level, relegating Dubois to the shadows with a dazzling performance that confirmed his “Quebecois supremacy” on the ice.

Today, Danault dominated, spending nearly 20 minutes on the ice and finishing with a remarkable goal, demonstrating his talent and determination, all in the 600th game of his career.

On the other hand, Dubois had a difficult afternoon, with only 13 minutes of play, multiplying possession losses and displaying a flagrant lack of commitment.

Had Dubois adopted Danault’s exemplary attitude, he could have claimed star status in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, her lack of character clouded her potential.

It is interesting to note that, despite their common origins, Danault and Dubois seem distant from the ice.

Could this distance be attributed to the fierce competition between the two players? Or is Dubois’s unenthusiastic behavior on the ice that chills relations between the two men, making escapades with his compatriot on the beaches of Los Angeles unappealing to Danault? The reasons remain unclear.

What is certain is that Danault brilliantly overshadowed Dubois, relegating the latter to the rank of everyday player in Los Angeles in his first season. It seems that Dubois was never able to recover from this humiliation inflicted by Danault, which marked a turning point in his career.

Ultimately, the gap between the two players is now evident and there is no denying that Danault played a crucial role in limiting Dubois’ aspirations in Los Angeles.

His excellence on the ice highlighted his opponent’s deficiencies, making him a model of success, while Dubois is the ultimate model of failure.

Basically, Danault caused Dubois’s loss. Because the latter thought that he would come to Los Angeles and pay Danault his highest salary of $3 million a year.

The opposite happened. Dubois never recovered.

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