“Peking Express”. Jérôme and Emma admit they have “no affinity” with one of the competing couples

After winning all four immunity tests from the first four episodes of Beijing Express, in the footsteps of the golden tiger Jérôme and Emma had become the favorites of the 18my season currently broadcast on M6. But there was a twist during episode 6: her father and daughter were eliminated in the final duel by their Corsican companions, who had just been recruited after the abandonment of Myriam and her grandfather Patrick. “We were clearly the target to shoot”explains 19-year-old Emma.

“We try to throw out the strongest”

As soon as they failed the bungee jumping test, where they had to answer a question about Malaysia, the couple felt the situation change. “We suspected that we were going to be the ones chosen for the final duel”, snapped the journalism student. The Swiss Flavie and Jérémy had taken advantage and had the chance to immunize another couple. “We have no affinity with them…”, adds Emma. The only hope for the father hen and his daughter were then Ryad and Louison, who also had a say in choosing the duo to protect. “We had hope”the young woman confides.

Unable to agree on who should protect, the Swiss and the foreigners decided to draw lots. Fate was not in favor of Emma and Jérôme, who were sent to a final duel against Patricia and Jessica. Flavie and Jérémy were able to save their favorite couple, Laure and Romain, preventing them from making a strategic decision. “We’re fans of the show, so we know that when the noose gets tight, we try to oust the strongest. We think about his adventure. When the Swiss talk about affection, perhaps it is a facade. I don’t know “Jérôme acknowledges and adds that he does not blame them. “It’s normal. We would have done the same. »

“It was a test for a daron”

Therefore they were not ” surprised “ when Flavie and Jérémy announced their choice. “We were prepared! », adds the father. However, the couple had not discussed before who would participate in the final duel. “It couldn’t have been more logical for it to be Emma. During the adventure, she was my driving force, the leader of our team. She was incredibly mature. Participating in this final duel was her reward because she deserved it.”explains Jérôme, very proud of his daughter. Therefore, Emma confronted Jessica. “I had a lot of pressure but I was determined”completes the adventurer.

Unfortunately, Emma quickly fell behind. Her opponent managed to find a driver faster and she arrived first at the oldest market in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. There she was waiting for an enigma. “It wasn’t a challenge for me! »Emma laments. “It was a test for a daron, it was a test for me”, Jérôme bursts out laughing. After solving it, he had to catch a stuffed animal in a claw machine. “I didn’t even see the machine! However, she was glued to me during the puzzle test! I didn’t know I had to do that after the puzzle, I didn’t get it! »the student who lives in Nice tells us.

“My driver didn’t understand anything”

Bad luck did not allow him to make the return journey to join his father. “My driver was special! »reveals to us. “I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t understand anything. Frankly, it was catastrophic. She was wandering around and I could see the GPS time increasing. I wanted to get behind the wheel! »Emma snapped. So she, without much hope, started running towards Jérôme in the final stretch. “When I saw Jessica with Patricia, I wasn’t very surprised…”

Jérôme burst into tears when he saw Jessica arrive first. “I’m a sensitive person. I have a heart of an artichoke. And there is nothing to be ashamed of for that. I feel a lot of emotions every time I think about my children. “I wanted to do everything I could to take my daughter as far as possible.”, he tells us. leaving the adventure “broke the heart”.

Ryad and Louison, “the best”

Before leaving, as required by the rules of the game, the duo had to hand over their amulets worth a total of 20,000 euros to another team. Jérôme and Emma chose Ryad and Louison, without prior consultation. “We were on the same wavelength. “Once again we speak from the heart and without strategy”, promises the father. He believes that these are “two super adventurers”, ” the best “ it’s from the season. “They burst the screen! They won all the final duels. What merit. We love them “, Jérôme tells us. This choice is “logic” in his eyes. “Ryad and Louison also tried tooth and nail to save us against Flavie and Jérémy for the final duel election”remember.

Now eliminated, Jérôme and Emma have their favorites in the adventure. “Ryad and Louison against Jessica and Patricia, it’s the final of our dreams! », reveals Jérôme. The father and daughter maintained ties with the adventurers after filming, particularly the strangers, the Corsicans, Manu and Madhy. “We are very proud to be part of the Beijing Express family”concludes the father.

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