Paul Newman always blamed himself for his son’s overdose death, unauthorized biography reveals

Without a doubt, everyone loved Paul Newman, the charismatic blue-eyed actor who made most Hollywood actors green with envy. However, he found himself ugly, in addition to suffering from the impostor symptom as an actor, despite the sixty roles he played during his 53-year career. Affected by an alcohol addiction, the famous film icon blamed himself for the disappearance of his son, who died of an overdose. This is what we learn in a new book, where his memories are revealed.

“For a long time I thought he was a piece of shit,” the actor reveals in this biography that is practically an autobiography. Because Paul Newman had recorded his statements during numerous interviews conducted by his friend, screenwriter Stewart Stern, between 1986 and 1991. Newman wanted to publish his autobiography at that time. However, at age 66, after five years of recorded testimony, he ended the interviews, as he did not want a biography.

This is because the actor was very frank in revealing his vulnerabilities, confessing his infidelities and exposing his low self-esteem. Upon rereading certain excerpts, he decides to give up the idea of ​​revealing himself in broad daylight. However, several years after his death in 2008, Stewart Stern, with the complicity of his family, decided to publish Newman’s transcripts.


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Emotions and moods

In this work little is said about his career, his films or his characters. Rather, we evoke the actor’s moods and his emotions at the limit.

“I don’t think overly sensitive people are prepared for this world,” says the actor.

His difficult childhood is also mentioned. Born in 1925, he grew up in the Cleveland suburbs. He has a difficult relationship with his mother, who treats him like an object of beauty. As for his father, who runs a sports store, he finds him stern and rigid. He considers his parents to be unbalanced.

Since his childhood he showed a great interest in theater.

During his teenage years, he did theater in his free time and began studying art, which was interrupted by World War II and his enlistment in the US Navy.

Upon his return, he will study at the Actors Studio in New York after obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Theater.

Aware of his beauty, which he is constantly reminded of, Paul Newman comes to believe that he is worthless as an actor and that he gets roles solely for his appearance and considers himself an impostor in front of his peers and even his audience. He continually belittles his performances as an actor. Furthermore, he was selected ten times for the Oscars, without winning. It was not until 1987, at age 62, that his talent was recognized when he won the Oscar for best actor for the film. The color of money which is intended to be a sequel to the movie the scammerlaunched in 1961.

The actor was also very affected by the death of his son. “I certainly didn’t know how to excel as a parent,” proclaims Newman.

His eldest son, Scott, died of an overdose in 1978, at the age of 38.

“This pain and this guilt will never heal,” confesses the actor who will be devastated forever.

automobile course

This is posing as a racing driver for the movie. Diver’s disease, in 1968, when his passion for automobile racing arose. A few years later he wanted to enter the contest and, despite being 52 years old, he stood out, obtaining a place. A year later, in 1978, he formed his own team, Newman/Haas Racing.

Newman will end his acting career in 2007.

He died of lung cancer in 2008 at the age of 83 at his home in Westport, Connecticut.

He is survived by his wife, actress Joanne Woodward, to whom he was married for 50 years and with whom he had three daughters.

Paul Newman had three other children from a previous union, including Scott, who died aged 38.

♦ Paul Newman has won three Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

♦ He has also worked as a director and producer.

♦ A great philanthropist, he is said to have donated almost a billion dollars to numerous charities.

♦ In 1980, he founded the Scott Newman Center to help people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction in memory of his son.

♦ In 1982, he created the Newman’s Own brand of products, whose profits are donated to organizations that care for children with cancer.

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