Patrick Roy’s son makes us cry

Frédérick Roy, Patrick Roy’s youngest son, recently shared a moving testimony that touched hearts and highlighted his father’s boundless generosity.

In a rare moment of intimacy, Frédérick lifted the veil on Patrick Roy’s deep nature, revealing a reserved and exceptionally generous man.

“My father is a reserved guy and takes care of his own business”, Frédérick shared with a voice full of admiration. (credit: TVA Sports)

“He hates bothering people. On the other hand, he is a very generous person and never says no to fans. I already asked him why he never said no and he told me: “it is thanks to them that I had this life. It is my duty to give back to them.” “That moved me and I learned a lot from that.”

These words resonate as an echo of the greatness of Patrick Roy’s soul, portraying a humble man despite his undisputed fame in the world of hockey. Frédérick went on to reveal a lesser-known side of his father, that of a man deeply attached to his community and determined to give back to hockey what he gave him.

But the relationship between Frédérick and his father goes far beyond the public figure of Patrick Roy. When Frédérick had the opportunity to play with his father at Remparts between 2007 and 2012, he quickly understood that the coach and his father were two different people.

“At one point he picked me up and I wasn’t very happy”recalls Frédérick with a touch of nostalgia.

“When I got home he told me: ‘Looks like your coach was hard on you.’ He made a face at him, then he looked at me and said: ‘make a difference.’ Here I am your father and elsewhere your coach. “If you can’t make a difference, you can go play somewhere else.” That’s when I realized he wasn’t the same person off the ice. At home, he is a smiling and sarcastic guy. He likes to make jokes and have fun. »

This crucial distinction between the loving father and the rigorous coach deeply marked Frédérick, allowing him to develop a balanced relationship with his father, where admiration and respect are mixed with affection and complicity.

Thus, through the sincere words of Frédérick Roy, a portrait of an exceptional man emerges, Patrick Roy, whose greatness goes far beyond the world of hockey to touch the hearts of those who were lucky enough to cross his path.

Tonight, the entire Bell Center will vibrate for the idol of an entire city. The idol of an entire province. Even that part of the Bell Center will line up behind Patrick Roy.

And we will remember that behind the legend hides a good man… humble… with a good heart.


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