Patrice Godin gives details about his moving new show

After having experienced reunions with his biological mother and his half-sister, Patrice Godin understands what goes through the minds of those who wish to take this step. with the series Tracing its origins, the facilitator will accompany men and women on this journey. Meanwhile, the actor finds us at Club illico for the new series. Surprising Detective: The Girl with the Stone Eyes in which he plays an arrogant and pretentious character.

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Patrice, we find you in the shoes of Sébastien Gingras in the super series Detective Surprising. Can you tell us about your character?
Sébastien Gingras is a Montreal researcher who already has an established reputation. He is a good researcher, but very arrogant and pretentious. He arrives at the Islands having the answers to everything, as if the others knew nothing. There, in 20 years, there have been two murders. Therefore, the police do not have much experience in this area. A young woman is found dead on the beach, in a macabre scene. She joins the crime. We felt a tension between my character and Patrick Hivon, who plays the investigator Surprenant. We will understand why… It is a really good series, filmed in the Magdalena Islands. It felt good to be somewhere else.

It is a pleasure to work in an environment like this!
Yes, I filmed there for a month. She had been to the Islands when she was little, but she had never returned since. Then I rediscovered the place. It is a privilege to be able to work there. It is rare that we have the opportunity to shoot outdoors. We had unusual temperatures: anything but good weather… (laughs) We didn’t have temperatures of -20°C, but we didn’t get to 20 degrees either! On the weekend we were together, we went to eat. The team spirit was great! We also filmed with local people. It was a great experience.

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You will also host a new series, in which you will accompany people who have been adopted and who are seeking to find their origins.
Yes, the series is called Tracing its origins. These are people who have been adopted and, therefore, have a family, but who are trying to find their origins. Where do they come from? Who are your biological parents? I have been there. That’s why they called me. I know the questioning, I know how we feel, I understand the desire to know where we come from, to know our history. I think it will be a very moving series.

Are there times when things don’t go as planned?
Unfortunately if. Each story is different. You never know how things will turn out. There are beautiful stories and others less beautiful. Some provide fewer answers than others.

Dominic Gouin

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In this context, do you consider yourself lucky to have found your mother?
Yes, I found my mother and my half-sister. We talk about it in the series. It’s not my story, but we tell it a little through the film. Let’s meet my parents. I don’t like to say that they are my adoptive parents: they are my father and my mother. We will also meet my biological family, which is my mother and my sister.

Yours is a beautiful story. Because it seems that reunions sometimes bring great disappointments.
It’s true. There is always the fear of rejection, of the biological parents not wanting to see their child again, especially the mother, because many times it is she who is sought. That happen. We live it with the series. Is rough. It was something that scared me, but when I took the steps I was prepared for this possibility. I was still older. However, if that had happened, I definitely would have been disappointed.

Were there no expectations on your part?
There was, but you have to let go a little, because you can get hurt. Whether we like it or not, we end up with a feeling of abandonment. Not everyone experiences it, but it is quite common among adopted children.

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We imagine that mothers who give their child up for adoption do not do so with joy in their hearts… Indeed. This is not my story, but several children of my generation were put up for adoption, because her mother was forced by her family to give him up for adoption even though she would have liked to keep him.

Fortunately, our society has evolved a lot!
At this level, yes. In my mother’s case, she didn’t feel prepared to take care of me. She didn’t see how she was going to achieve it. She was in a difficult situation. For my sake, she handed me over to parents who could not have children.

Some of those who were adopted have a positive view of the situation because they were chosen by their parents.
It’s true. Yes, we were chosen by our parents, but we live with wounds. That being said, we all have injuries.

Have you kept in touch with your mother and half-sister?
Yes, we write. I returned to Victoria, British Columbia, with my girlfriend, for the shoot. She had already come with me the first time. My sister came home. We are in contact, but the distance is a bit problematic. We would like to be closer to enjoy it, time flies…

Dominic Gouin

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Do you have other plans?
Yes, my next novel, after the storms, will premiere on January 15. This is my sixth book. I finished the first version while I was in the Islands. Writing is part of me. Who is stronger than me. Although it is fiction, it is a fairly intimate novel. It is the story of a fifty-something writer who is in crisis. Some people will think it’s me… and it’s not! I was inspired by elements of my life, but that’s it. Last year I went through a period where I questioned myself a lot. This is what my character experiences. He carries wounds from the past that run deep. He learns of the sudden death of his mother and, therefore, will return to his childhood and his wounds. In this flashback, he will be accompanied by a woman he met in Maine. She also carries his wounds, but let’s say she managed to repair them better than him.

Are you still continuing with your training?
I had Achilles tendon surgery in mid-December. I was out of work for a month
parties. I plan to return to competition gradually, but as far as training goes, I will be able to get back into it quickly. Since June I started practicing ju-jitsu three or four times a week. If you want to advance in this sport you have to invest, because it is a complex martial art. On the other hand, I am careful, because I can get injured more easily. I’m a little older now…

The Serie Surprising Detective: The Girl with the Stone Eyes It is available at Club illico.
Tracing its origins It will be broadcast on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., on Canal Vie, starting March 21.
The book after the storms will be available starting January 15 at Éditions Libre Expression.

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