Outings – Leisure – Star Academy: the young urban Lénie eliminated at the gates of the semi-finals

This Saturday night’s Star Academy bonus will have baffled and surprised more than one. If Pierre was immune, four students were in danger this week: Lénie, Héléna, Julien and Axel. At the end of this eleventh bonus and on the verge of the semifinals (since this year two semifinals are organized to define the finalists), it was Lénie who was eliminated. The young ciotadenne was nominated for the first time since the beginning of the adventure, so she was never put to a public vote.

When her elimination was announced, Lénie remained motionless, as if surprised. Her companions also remained speechless before running to Lenie and Axel to comfort the young woman. Too sad and paralyzed, Lénie could not stay on the set. But before the four semi-finalists boarded the bus to return to the Dammarie-lès-Lys castle, the young woman wanted to say goodbye to them backstage and encourage them for the future. “I’m sorry“she said through tears.

“I would like us all to send good vibes to this 18-year-old.”

She is a very young woman. She faces what we call the show, the cameras, she is a good student who was increasingly comfortable as a singer, but she is still a young woman. The pressure we create around these children who are star academy is considerable, declared Nikos Aliagas after an advertising page. Tonight I’d like us all to send good vibes to this 18-year-old.”

and continue : “It’s hard, it’s cruel, but it’s also part of the show and the spectacle.“In fact, after one page of advertising, viewers of the Star Ac’ found Nikos Aliagas, who did not hesitate to say a few words to the talented youngest player of the season.

The young woman was then expected to be on the set, but in the end she did not appear. “Lénie lost tonight. She recovers from her emotions. She contacted her family. She smiles again little by little. I won’t do anything to tell him to come back to the set. We must respect her choice and her pain. If she wants to come back, she comes back, if she doesn’t feel like it, we look for her on tour,” she concluded.

On social media, many viewers and fans of the young woman expressed their incomprehension and disappointment.

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