ON VIDEO | She managed to record a music video in prison.

A rapper managed to record a threatening video inside the walls of the Sorel-Tracy detention center, even though inmates are not allowed to have cell phones behind bars.

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Yahya Mouhime, who uses the stage name VT, was sentenced to 18 months in prison last June, just under a month after stabbing a man in the lung, before stealing his watch, wallet and iPhone. in the parking lot of Le Garage. striptease bar in Mirabel.

However, the prison did not prevent him from publishing, on Saturday, a video clip titled Infamous on his YouTube channel. In the video recorded in the cell, we can see the rapper and his acolytes playing the role of dancers swaying to the rhythm of a song with threatening words.

At the beginning of the video, we can hear an excerpt from columnist Sophie Durocher commenting on Mr. Mouhime’s case. “I can never be surpassed. I can never take a beating. Try it and you will pass,” the rapper continues before imitating a gun firing towards the camera, with an additional sound effect.

The song has accumulated more than 50,000 views in two days.

This publication, however, raises questions, among them those of former organized crime police officer André Gélinas.

“How is it possible that people, no matter who, can have access to cell phones in prison? “This calls into question the whole security aspect because, if these people can obtain and bring cell phones, obviously, that opens the door to either narcotics or weapons or all kinds of tools or things that can compromise security,” he told TVA. Nouvelles. .

The Ministry of Public Security (MSP) confirmed that it is investigating the transmission of this video clip. The prison authorities, however, refused to indicate whether they managed to recover the cell phone or whether they intend to impose a sanction, if necessary, on the inmate.

The president of the Union of peace officers of the Quebec penitentiary services, Mathieu Lavoie, declared to TVA Nouvelles that the sanctions adopted to repress prisoners in possession of a mobile phone are insufficient.

– With information from Kevin Crane-Desmarais, TVA Nouvelles

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