Nostalgic Soukdavone Gayat (Large Families) reveals a souvenir photo of her marriage to Olivier

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The Gayat are undoubtedly one of the most emblematic tribes of Large families: life in XXL. On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of her marriage to Olivier, Soukdavone, the mother, shares a rare photograph of this day, which for her is very symbolic.

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Discovered in the first season of the show. Large families: life in XXL, Soukdavone and Olivier Gayat are the happy parents of nine children. Despite some infidelities on the part of the husband, the couple still remains together. In the eighth season of the TF1 docu-reality, viewers were able to see the changes within the tribe, which is back on the screens. Two years after his departure, only five members of the Gayat clan remain living under the same roof. In fact, the six older brothers have fled. Like Olivia, who has just opened a beauty salon in Bourges, Teo has left the family cocoon with her partner and her daughter Emma. And the family will grow even more since Chloé has just announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

Olivier Gayat recounts his meeting with his future wife

It was at the age of 14 that Soukdavone and Olivier Gayat fell in love. “I had a fantasy of going out with an Asian and I went with my cousin to try to find an Asian (…) It wasn’t to make a life with him, at first,” confided the father of the family, in the filming of TPMP. “He approached me on the street. I wasn’t interested, so I quickly went up to my girlfriend’s house to get him to leave me alone. Then I had to go home and he was still waiting there, on the street,” his wife said in turn.

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Soukdavone and Olivier Gayat publish a photo from their wedding

On the occasion of their rapidly approaching 18th wedding anniversary, the two parents posted a photo of their union. “How time flies so quickly! Memory of our wedding photo. It will be almost 18 years next month, April 15, 2006 exactly. “I love this photo,” Soukdavone noted in the description of the Instagram post. At that time, the couple was already raising six children, as can be seen in the photo. “You have not changed”, “You are all very beautiful, great photo”, “Beautiful, time flies and yes Jade looks a lot like Chloé, it is crazy”, “You are all very beautiful, good wedding anniversary”. , “Full of happiness”, Can we read in the comments area?

To discover Gayat’s wedding souvenir photo, Click here.

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