Nominated for 8 Oscars, this excellent science fiction film is a must-see

If you are a science fiction fan, this movie is for you! The latter might also appeal to those who don’t really like the genre, since it is very well done.

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After leaving Netflix, it is now available on Prime Video. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss it. Premier Contact ! The film tells the story of the first exchange between humans and a foreign civilization. When mysterious ships from the depths of space appear across Earth, linguist Louise Banks is tasked with assembling a team of experts to establish contact with the newcomers and understand the intentions of those behind them, initially perceived as invaders. . A mission of utmost importance as humanity soon finds itself on the brink of outright war. The linguist will have to show courage to find answers, especially at the risk of her life… Denis Villeneuve, director of Duneadapt here Story of your lifeby Ted Chiang, published in 1998.

Premier Contact : a credible film based on scientific elements

To give credibility to his science fiction film, Denis Villeneuve made sure to rely on precise and documented scientific details. He decided to turn to Stephen Wolfram and his son Christopher Wolfram, considered luminaries in the world of science. A collaboration that visibly benefited the film from Premier Contact It received an enthusiastic reception from the public but also from professionals. As proof: the film has been nominated several times for prestigious awards, including eight times for the Oscar.

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Premier Contact : Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner had already been on tour together

Although she had planned to take a break from her career to care for her daughter, Amy Adams couldn’t resist the scenario of Premier Contact and the role of Dr. Louise Banks. “I no longer had a choice: I had to do this film. I had the impression that this role was made for me”, the actress confided at that time. As for Jeremy Renner, who plays Ian Donnelly, he really wanted to work again with Amy Adams, to whom he had already given the opposite in american bluff.

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