No, Squeezie is not taking a career break.

Contrary to the words of his friend and director Théodore Bonnet, the most followed YouTuber in France has no intention of taking a break.

No, the number one French YouTuber will not leave his channel aside. Contacted by Tech&Co, the content creator teams denied the comments made by Théodore Bonnet to AFP.

During the preview of the documentary series “Merci internet”, available this Friday, January 19 on Prime Video, Théodore Bonnet, friend and editor of the cameraman, suggested that there was going to be a “real pause” of “several months” after the launch of the program – which he directed himself.

“Slow down the pace”

“Youtubers are all work monsters, Lucas is still one step above, to the point that he completely left his personal life aside for ten years,” he explained to AFP to justify this break.

However, content creator teams confirm that the channel will no longer be fed as regularly. Currently, the 18.7 million people subscribed to the Squeezie channel can watch a new video every week. Therefore, this duration should be extended to allow Lucas Hauchard – his real name – to dedicate himself to his new projects.

“He is doing very well. He will slow down, but in no case will he pause his career,” insists Squeezie’s agent.

In recent months, the videos offered by Squeezie have gradually moved up the ranks. As part of the race for blockbuster production on YouTube, the channel’s posts are getting closer and closer to an hour in length.

New eSports teams

Since the start of the school year in September, projects for Squeezie have been happening one after another. Beyond the increasingly ambitious concepts of his creations (“Who is the imposter?”, “The worst date” or even “Who is the murderer?”), Lucas Hauchard organized a Formula 4 race with network celebrities. The second edition of the GP Explorer also reached a record audience in France on Twitch, Amazon’s live streaming platform.

Finally, another great project has been driving the 27-year-old for just under a year: Gentle Mates. This esports structure, founded with former professional players Brawks and Gotaga, announced in early January that it had recruited two new teams to launch into new gaming competitions. rocket league and League of Legends.

Therefore, it seemed impossible for Squeezie to disappear from the Internet. Especially with the resumption of the various electronic sports championships. In particular the LFL, the French league of League of Legendsin which Gentle Mates won their first match.

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