NFL: Bill Belichick thanked Patriots fans in letter

Former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wrote a heartfelt letter of thanks to his fans, published Sunday in the Boston Globe.

The Patriots and Belichick ended their partnership after 24 seasons on January 11. When Belichick and owner Robert Kraft jointly announced the decision, Belichick referenced how important the team’s fans had been to him, which he put in writing in his full-page announcement.

“Nowhere in America are professional sports fans more passionate than in New England, and for 24 years I have been fortunate to feel their passion and power,” Belichick wrote. “The Patriots are the only NFL team that represents SIX states, but in reality, the Patriots Nation knows no borders.

“You didn’t stop for the weather, you attended practices in scorching heat and braved the coldest, wettest, snowiest and windiest days in Foxborough. In your letters you provided support, criticism, and suggestions for creative games. You followed the games on television, on the Internet and from your seats in the stadiums.

“You have traveled from coast to coast and around the world. On numerous occasions you have broken into opposing stadiums and been the last fans left standing. We loved this! You have given your valuable time, resources and energy to our team. We enjoy it! »

Belichick, 71, interviewed for the Atlanta Falcons head coaching job, which ultimately went to Raheem Morris. With all head coaching positions filled, if Belichick does not accept an assistant coaching position, 2024 will be the first season since his senior year in college in 1974-75 in which he will not coach in the NFL in any capacity.

In his letter, Belichick mentioned how the Super Bowl parades in the streets of Boston had an impact on him, particularly because of the connection with fans.

“Six times you filled Boston by the millions for parades that were truly a two-way expression of gratitude and love. The images of those days are etched in my memory,” she wrote, before turning to humor.

“You may have even appreciated my fashion sense and my press conferences, or maybe you just tolerated them. I loved training here and we had incredible times together. »

Belichick concluded by writing in capital letters: “THANK YOU ALL.” He signed “with respect and admiration” and added his handwritten signature.

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