New unpublished images of your partner revealed!

Patrice and Justine seem to be living a perfect happiness since they met on the show L’amour est dans le pré. On the occasion of the broadcast of the new season, the program teams reveal some new images of the couple.

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Here we go again ! This Monday, January 8, M6 broadcasts some of the portraits of the farmers from season 19. There are 15 of them, between 26 and 69 years old, hoping to find love with the help of the M6 ​​teams. Last season, love did not last long and the farmers had a hard time revealing themselves to their suitors. Only Patrice and Justine came out holding hands during the evaluation. However, nothing seemed inevitable and for Karine Le Marchand, who found them several months later, the couple were on the verge of separating. Patrice took advantage of the M6 ​​cameras to give Justine an ultimatum. Since the evaluation, the couple has been discreet, without using social networks. On the occasion of the broadcast of the new season, the M6 ​​team felt nostalgic and decided to reveal never-before-seen photographs of the couple.

Patrice and Justine, a couple who “evolved and grew”

“A little glimpse into Patrice and Justine’s romantic weekend in Saint-Jean-de-Luz”, announces Love casting director Louise Horellou on her Instagram account. She followed the adventures of Charles, Patrice and Jean-Paul on the farm. Fans can go behind the scenes of the show’s filming with crew members following the candidates throughout the show. “Thanks to them for their trust, It was not easy“But I am delighted to have been able to see this couple evolve and grow.”, confides Louise Horellou. Patrice was one of the favorites of this season 18 and all the viewers hoped that she would find love. “I hope Patrice is well and happy.”comments one Internet user, while many want to hear from the couple.

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Ups and downs

During the show, Patrice decided to bring Justine and Véronique to the farm. Very quickly, the first contender prevailed with her strong character, leaving little room for the second. A position that initially pleased Patrice. It was quite natural that she decided to continue the affair with Justine, but her authoritative tone began to lose its charm. During her romantic weekend, Patrice shared her doubts with her partner, raising the possibility of a breakup for the first time. A shock to Justine that she did not expect such a revelation. The couple went through several difficulties, but decided to stay together.

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