Neve Campbell, aka Sidney Prescott, finally returns to the saga

It was Neve Campbell herself who announced her great return to the $911 million franchise. Shout. The Canadian actress confirmed what was already being said in well-informed circles and that she had hinted at in January: the character of Sidney Prescott returns and she will be the one to embody it.

The star does not hide his “excitement” to return to the seventh part of the saga and this role that has earned him awards and nominations for various awards. “Sidney Prescott is coming back!!!!! », she enthused on Instagram on Tuesday.

Pleasure, honor and above all respect.

“It has always been a pleasure and an honor to play Sidney in Shout. My attachment to these films and what they meant to me has never waned. “I am very happy and proud to say that I have been asked, in the most respectful way, to bring Sidney back to the screen and I could not be more delighted,” she begins her very long illustrated message with a photo from the script cover… and immediately goes on to talk about the pleasure of having worked with “horror master Wes Craven and the wonderfully talented team of Matt (Bettini-Olpin) and Tyler (Gillett).”

But the 50-year-old actress is equally “delighted” to make her “dream” come true by finding “Kevin Williamson at the helm.” The filmmaker, who wrote the script for the original 1996 film, “Her Baby,” written by Neve Campbell, and two of its sequels, will direct Cry VII, replacing Christopher Landon, who jumped ship in December. “Kevin is not only a source of inspiration as an artist, but he is also a dear friend for many years,” he explains to “fans of Shout ».

The attack of October 7, an unwanted guest

The team of Cry VII Therefore, it will be made up of former collaborators of the universe invented by Kevin Williamson. Guy Busick, who wrote the fifth and sixth films in the saga with James Vanderbilt, takes the reins of the script. In terms of production, we also don’t change a team that wins (big). Vanderbilt will continue to produce alongside its Project X Entertainment partners William Sherak and Paul Neinstein. The film collective Radio Silence, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella, who directed and produced the previous two. Shout, returns as executive producer. And of course, Spyglass Media Group, which relaunched the franchise in 2022, twenty-five years after the fourth film.

Absent and absent

There will also be absentees and absentees… and this is not to the taste of all Internet users who comment bitterly on the return of Neve Campbell. In fact, if the production “respectfully” asked the star that she had left the play SAW for salary reasons, to resume their role, fans of Shout I have not forgotten those who will not return.

Thus the Mexican actress Melissa Barrera, who was going to star Cry VII the role of Sam Carpenter that he had played in the previous two parts. The actress was “expelled” from the production in November for comments considered anti-Semitic by the production following the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel on October 7 (2023).

“Zero tolerance for anti-Semitism or hate speech in any form,” Spyglass said. The actress’s denials have not changed anything.

Jenna Ortega, who even before the attack had shared her support for Palestinians on the Internet, will not be there either. Officially, your filming schedule for season 2 of Wednesday was incompatible with that of Cry VII. A calendar already so hectic that it is no longer even mentioned.

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