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During his fight scene against John Lark in “Mission: Impossible Fallout,” Henry Cavill does a funny movement with his arms. The actor recently explained the origin of this strange gesture.

In Mission Impossible Fallout, the sixth installment of the famous action franchise directed by Tom Cruise (and considered one of the best by the members of our editorial team), Ethan Hunt must team up with the man called Walker, another agent with considerable skills. nebulous and with methods that are, to say the least, muscular.

Played by a Henry Cavill more imposing than ever, Walker is distinguished by his suspicious behavior and combat skills from the beginning of the film. Thus, after a memorable parachute jump over Paris, he and Ethan begin a violent fight to neutralize their target, in the middle of the Grand Palais bathrooms.

A strange movement of the arm.

The sequence is brutal, and the protagonists face each other with fists, briefcases and even the sink. At 32 minutes and 10 seconds into the film, when he has just been thrown to the ground by John Lark and his partner is in a bad position, Walker gets up with difficulty and puts himself on guard again.

It is at this moment when we can see him make some rather strange little arm movements, as if he were punching in the air before returning to the fight.

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However, this gesture was made by Henry Cavill for a very specific reason, as he recently told on the podcast microphone. Happy Sad Confused :

“After a while, it starts to hurt a little everywhere, because you do a lot of repetitive movements.”He explained.

“I was literally doing that to warm up.”

“My biceps tendons were sore, so I had to warm them up before hitting. I was literally doing that to warm up.” (arms)“.

Thinking he probably looked stupid on camera by making this move, the actor apologized to director Christopher McQuarrie. But far from getting angry with him, the filmmaker asked him to keep the gesture in the next shot:

“I did another take without doing that move and (the director) said, ‘Why didn’t you do that? That was really good.’ I said, ‘Was that good?’ He said, “Yes! You really need to do that. And that’s what we’ve done.”

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